The Hawaii State Ethics Commission has yet to receive a single application from anyone interested in replacing Les Kondo as executive director.

The commission has been advertising for the position since May 3. Kondo stepped down to serve as state auditor, a job he started May 1.

The commission, whose five volunteer members are appointed by the governor, is tasked with hiring the executive director, who also serves as general counsel and oversees a staff that runs day-to-day operations.

Interim Director Hawaii State Ethics Commission Susan Yoza. 19 may 2016.
Susan Yoza, longtime associated director of the Hawaii State Ethics Commission, was unanimously chosen to serve as the interim executive director Thursday. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Commissioners decided Thursday that they would wait until May 31 to see who might apply. If they get a good pool of applicants by then, they’ll start winnowing them down to make a final selection. If not, they’ll extend the deadline.

“We’re just going to be in a holding pattern until May 31 to see what happens,” Commission Chair Susan DeGuzman said.

Commissioner Reynaldo Graulty said he expects some applications to come in just before deadline.

“These are career-impacting decisions,” he said. “They’re not going to rush into it.”

State Ethics Commission meeting wide2. 19 may 2016.
Hawaii State Ethics Commission and staff meet Thursday. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

In the meantime, the commission has chosen Susan Yoza, associate director, to serve as interim executive director.

Yoza has worked for the commission since the 1980s. She’s previously served as interim executive director, too, filling the role in 2010 after the commission fired Dan Mollway.

Commissioners and staff members said they have received a couple phone calls from people considering applying.

Pat Martin, who works for the state labor department, was at the meeting Thursday to learn more about the process ,as she’s considering whether to apply.

She said she was surprised the room wasn’t full of more people interested in the job.

The job pays $138,935 annually. For a description of the minimum qualifications and how to apply, visit here.

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