While they’ve received the most attention, it’s not all about the candidates in next week’s general election.

In fact, the 20 proposed amendments to the Honolulu charter take up the entire second half of the two-page mail ballot sent to Oahu voters.

Combine that with a couple of proposed amendments to the state constitution, and voters still have a lot of work to do even if they already have figured out which candidates to support.

Polling booths at Kawananakoa Middle School cafeteria during the primary election day. 13 aug 2016
Wherever you vote on Oahu, 20 proposed charter amendments are waiting for you. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

That’s why Civil Beat has partitioned its coverage of non-candidate issues into a section called Ballot Measures. And there’s still more coverage to come on these issues in the next couple of days.

You also can find out more about the charter amendments in an e-brochure on the website of the Honolulu Charter Commission.

Hawaii Elections Guide 2016

In addition to the fact that many voters already have their mail ballots in hand, early walk-in voting has begun in Hawaii. Go to the state Office of Elections website for more details.

As for all  those candidates, remember to check out their responses to our questionnaires. Find the links at Hawaii Elections 2016: General Election Ballot.

For the full body of work, remember that we’ve published dozens of election articles since the primary concluded, including The Civil Beat Poll and Ad Watches.

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