John Radcliffe’s Last Fight

Not-So-Awesome Doctors (March 13, 2018)

John Radcliffe was given six months to live by presumably the best doctors he could afford, and he’s still kicking after 14-plus months (“Denby Fawcett: John Radcliffe’s Last Fight Is For His Own Right To Die”).

John’s awesome doctors, who have excellent knowledge, training and experience, got it so awesomely wrong. So presumably two not-so-awesome doctors (not everyone can afford what John can) will certify you’ll be dead in six, so you can be comforted the end is near.

Is John not secretly embarrassed at his own hypocrisy (of being the living illogic) of telling others “believe in the doctors that you’ll be dead anyway?” What if they knew they’d live as long as John, even get better? Oops, the doctors were wrong, change my mind!

John Radcliffe seated SB1129 Death Dying measure in Capitol room 229. 15 feb 2017
John Radcliffe at the Capitol in 2017. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

I gave a eulogy for my friend on the 23rd of February who was given six months to live in 2002. He project-managed and was directly involved in constructing a school and renovating a couple of churches in Fiji after his six months were up!

Who were his awesome doctors? They were from Stanford and the Kettering Cancer Center. My friend, Pat Sabey, went (16 years later) when God called him, not when some super smart guys told him.

— Hale Akamine, Ewa Beach

Students Find Their Voice

Bullying On School Buses (March 14, 2018)

About gun violence in Hawaii schools: It is a big, scary story that has us caught up (“Students Find Their Voice In Preparing For Wednesday Walkouts”). I recommend we address the “gateway” issue of bullying.

As a school-bus driver in Kona for the last two years I have personally witnessed and reported many forms of bullying on the bus. I have documented situations with riders, parents, school officials, even the Department of Education transportation officer. 

Bullying includes tripping the uninitiated or unlikeable student as they enter or exit the bus to an adult official snatching a student’s pass stating “expired” and pocketing it. And as no consequence is doled out, the bullying is in reality condoned. 

We are breeding bullies on school buses. Every time the bus group witnesses an incident and the student is still allowed to ride bus, the group learns that violence is not punished.

— Sarah Kay, Kailua-Kona

Why Americans Are Fat

Where Are Maui’s Nature Trails? (March 6, 2018)

On a breezy afternoon in March, I went to a jog on the mountainous, narrow road that loops up and down gulches and borders sea cliffs on the northwest coast of Maui. I noticed a dirt road and a path and no sign of “No Trespassing” and, since I was tired of dodging tourist cars and impatient local traffic, I took it. 

Wow! I was able to truly enjoy the breathtaking ocean-mountain scenery without being stressed out by vehicular noise and the real threat of being hit on the narrow curvy road.

Unfortunately, the path became more and more overgrown with tall grass and at times, I couldn’t even see what kind of surface I was stepping on. This became of extreme concern to me the closer I got to the sight and sound of pounding waves, maybe 60 feet below  Nonetheless, I persevered on the trail and eventually popped out on the road again.

What if Maui had an Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail similar to the one in North Kohala on the Big Island — a trail that was maintained and clearly delineated?

I’m not saying that the Big Island’s coastal trails are always in top condition or easily accessible, but they are in much better condition than anything I have seen on Maui.

Many years ago, I had the pleasure of walking between high coastal villages in Northern Italy, called Cinque Terre. This was an exclusively pedestrian route and it brought scores of tourists (aka money) to these little towns.

A few days after my first jog, I went for another one closer to civilization. I jogged from Kahana to Napili and it was disheartening how it was not cliffs that kept me from accessing the ocean view but endless condos, resorts, and other impenetrable fortresses and eyesores, each one with plenty of “No Trespassing” signs.

No wonder Americans are fat! There is nowhere to jog or walk safely in Maui. It’s all about the driving, or paying resort fees to recline on a chaise lounge and drink your vacation away.

— Luna Woods, Kurtistown

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