For the last few days we’ve been sharing the results of our latest Civil Beat Poll:

Colleen Hanabusa over David Ige by 6 points in the governor’s race with Clayton Hee a distant third.

• The Kauai mayor, Bernard Carvalho, leading a crowded field for lieutenant governor.

Donna Mercado Kim ahead of Doug Chin and three others in the race for the First Congressional District but a third of voters have not made up their mind.

Tulsi Gabbard is the most popular high-profile politician in Hawaii.

Voters want a constitutional convention, the first since 1978.

Now it’s your chance to talk about the results in this moderated comment forum. It’s hosted by Civil Beat’s politics editor Chad Blair and political reporter Nathan Eagle. Our pollster, Matt Fitch of Merriman River Group, will also be lurking in the comment room to address any questions.

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