Sick Leave

Unnecessary procedures (June 25, 2018)

Not to forget that when you send someone home for three days, the human resources department demands a Family Medical Leave Act form, some six pages long. (“Health Beat: Really? You Need A Doctor’s Note To Go Back To Work?“) Family leave form requires how often patient will have the condition, say the flu, in the future, how long they will be out and how sick they will be and how incapacitated they will be with the flu in the future.

It seems to me that this is simple harassment of the employee and physician. Maybe they would rather have the employee just stay on the job and spread disease. It also seems to be the standard for human resources training programs.

FMLA started out with the best of intentions but has morphed into a guaranteed employment act for armies of HR departments and administrators. It is responsible for a good chunk of the rise in medical costs and patient and physician dissatisfaction.

— Baron KF Ching, MD, Honolulu

Kaniela Ing

Failed politician (June 25, 2018)

Once again, Kaniela Ing is jumping on a bandwagon, (Stop ICE), in a desperate bid for personal recognition having recently just missed prison time, in his latest corruption and lying scandals. (“Campaign Corner: Mobilize To Change ‘Immoral’ Immigration System“) He did the same thing, not long ago, regarding “Me Too, ” when feigning indignation at having our international airport renamed for the late Sen. Daniel Inouye, whom Mr. Ing referred to as a “serial rapist.” Yet, Ing was one of those who voted to have the airport name changed, to that of the late senator.

I am one of many who for a long time now work tirelessly, standing outside Homeland Security and courthouses, on a regular basis,  testifying. We do this out of desperation, due to the inhumane suffering of immigrants — not desperation for self-recognition.

There is no doubt, ICE needs to be abolished. I’m asking that other representatives, please speak up, loud and clear, and abolish Trump’s Gestapo — ICE  — in the name of human rights.

— Kanani Kai, Honolulu

Social Security

The deal is not yet done (June 25, 2018)

Decent message from Yamachika (“Tom Yamachika: Social Security, Taxes And Darth Vader“) but, I wish he – or anybody– would address the Social Security fund shortage problem. Of the $2.6 trillion that has been “borrowed” by Congress over the years, when will it be repaid?

Our congresspeople do a great job for us otherwise, but even they are silent on this!

How about CB doing a number on this seriously irritating issue?

— Tom Tizard, Kailua

Cats Vs. Seals

Toxic waste  (June 22, 2018)

Why did Civil Beat publish an opinion letter (“Letters: Politicians In Trouble“) that did not even mention the core reason for the original story; that cat feces contain a bacteria that has caused the death of Monk seals? (“3 More Monk Seals Die From Disease Linked To Feral Cats“)

Trap-Neuter-Release would do nothing to remedy that. Last I heard, neutered cats still poop.

— Wendy Wright, Honolulu