Native Hawaiian Homeland Plan

Focus First On Higher Standard Of Living (June 15, 2018)

The article ignores the need for Hawaiians to achieve a standard of living that will allow them to live on the land. (“Let’s Create A New Native Hawaiian Homeland”) Also, it seems again that the focus is on Oahu.  How about the outer islands. The are Hawaiian Homelands subdivisions on the Big Island with all the infrastructure is in place and hardly anyone living there.
— Richard Bidleman, Pahoa

 Use Molokai Ranch For Hawaiians (June 16, 2018)

And for Molokai, how about OHA or the state buying Molokai ranch, about a third of Molokai, for the furtherance of Hawaiian needs — busineses for local employment could be established, some residential land provided, farming, etc.

Molokai Ranch measures 55,000 acres, or approximately one-third of the island. PF Bentley/Civil Beat

The ranch is essentially dormant now and the last remaining big enterprise employing people will probably pull out sooner or later as past and recent history has shown. Land could be leased to appropriate individuals or companies to foster the local economy.

The enterprise could be governed by a local board. Upcoming generations could have local opportunities to remain on island with a good lifestyle.
— Bernard Schwind, Molokai