The Congresswoman And Leadership

What, exactly, is her plan? (May 29, 2018)

Did I miss something?

Colleen Hanabusa continually mentions “strong leadership” as her platform, but doesn’t mention any plan except working deals with the Legislature to “get the job done.” (“Hawaii’s Future Is At Stake, Hanabusa Tells State Democratic Convention”.)

What is her platform? What does she actually plan to do?  What does she stand for .”

Gubernatorial Candidate Colleen Hanabusa Democratic Party convention.
Gubernatorial candidate Colleen Hanabusa at the Democratic Party of Hawaii state convention last weekend. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Her defense against Gov. Ige’s solid accomplishments with public school air-conditioning, strong stance against the Trump administration, making improvements on tourism, helping treat homeless as human beings — especially in Waianae — and a general rejection of “old-school” back-room deals is simply: He’s taking credit for things he hasn’t done?

I expect more from a governor than a promise of a nebulous claim of “strong leadership.”

— John and Rita Shockley, Makakilo

Red Hill Criticism Goes Too Far

Please appreciate the military’s brave service (May 24, 2018)

Its a sad reflection on our times that a community member could state “most if us, being intelligent humans, are ambivalent about the military” (“My Tour Of The Red Hill Fuel Facility That Threatens Oahu’s Water”).

Please pause and reflect on those service members living and dead who have protected our loved ones. Stop attacking our military. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Health state the risk of failure at Red Hill is very unlikely.

Many of us are tired that the Sierra Club — which Coleen Soares represents — and the Board of Water Supply criticizing while constantly breaking water mains shut down two elementary schools for lack of safe drinking water.

If only the Board of Water Supply’s taxpayer dollars were spent fixing water mains. If only we appreciated our brave service members the way they appreciate us.

Check out the EPA site for accurate information.

— Steve Jackson, Honolulu


Remember, Trump defended them (May 29, 2018)

I am confused by Stan Webb’s use of the phrase “bleeding heart, pro Nazi-nanny state liberals” (“Letters: Not Buying Hawaii’s Most Popular Politician”).

The last time President Trump had a chance to condemn neo-Nazis, he opted to defend them instead.

— Bryan Mick, Honolulu

Harry Kim’s Remark

A really slow news day, maybe? (May 28, 2018)

I’m sitting here in Iraqi Kurdistan reading Chad Blair’s column and thinking that you must be having a really slow day to pick on Harry Kim in the way you did (“Chad Blair: Harry Kim Shouldn’t Get A Pass On Racist Comment”). A really slow day. 

No doubt, there’s too much more in Hawaii to pick on of real importance, even more than the current eruption with its dramatic images attracting global attention even here in the faraway Middle East.

Harry Kim called attention to the FEMA person with a smile to highlight what we live in Hawaii, that we are very proud of, as the most diversified of all 50 of our dear (dis)United States. We call attention to ethnic differences with affection and pride.

I’m from Hilo, where I was born and my family continues to reside. I started school in two-room (six grades, two teachers) Keakealani School in Volcano and continued at St. Joseph’s in Hilo. I am a Syracuse and Harvard graduate who has been serving in South Asia, East Africa and the Middle East for 50 years. I am ever so proud of my Asian-mainland-Hawaii roots.

Regrettably, I resent your stretch at making news in capitalizing on the current Trump-era rightful focus on racism, by calling unnecessary attention to Harry Kim’s obvious welcoming, with friendly affection, remark.

Otherwise, I have enjoyed and learned from your articles.

Stafford Clarry, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Harry is no Roseanne (May 29, 2018)

Friends: Anyone who knows Harry knows he does not have a racist bone in his body.

Maybe racial jokes are politically incorrect these days, but racism in Hawaii lurks just beneath the placid surface of aloha and harmony.

I know Harry is not Frank De Lima, so shouldn’t be making such remarks, but personally, I give him a pass. I know he is not a male Roseanne Barr.

— Stanford Masui, Honolulu

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