Governor’s Debate

Shun backroom Deals (July 2, 2018)

The Hawaii News Now-sponsored debates (“Ige, Hanabusa Spar Over LG, Special Interests, False Missile Alert“)uncovered some simple choices for the Governor’s race.  Do we want a quiet leader who works honestly and shuns back-room deals or do we want “a dynamic leader who gets things done” in the political dark.

Wasn’t it Hanabusa who tried to talk the late U.S. Senator Dan Akaka into skirting the legislative process by hooking up his “Akaka Bill” as a rider on some other legislation—to “get the job done!”?  He told her that he would not have his bill go through “the back door” just to have it pass.

For voters who want honest and effective government, the choice is clear.

John and Rita Shockley, Makakilo

Radio Tower

Too close to airport runways (July 6)

Regarding the proposed radio tower at Kahauiki Village (“Homeless Village May Get A New Neighbor: A 150-foot Radio Tower“), besides the conflict with the HART rail line, the location is too close to the airport runways for a tower this tall. I don’t know if it is technically within the FAA limits or would require exceptions, but this is likely to restrict the Honolulu Airport’s expansion options. With Hickam’s runways connected to the Honolulu Airport, wouldn’t the DOD have to buy in also?

While I admire Duane Kurisu’s vision in creating Kahauiki Village and appreciate his outstanding leadership on solving homelessness, using any part of Kahauiki Village for his radio tower is asking too much from the public in return.

Judith Suzurikawa, McCully

Green Sand Beach

Searching for balance (July 6, 2018)

Once again, Jason Armstrong has done an excellent job of reporting on the issue. (“Big Island: Why The State Wants You To Quit  Driving To This Popular Beach”)

On the one hand, there is a need to protect our natural resources.  On the other is to promote our economy.  The unique nature of the islands (not just the Big Island), needs to strike a balance with both sides of the issue and willing to compromise.

In the best interest of the people who live and work here, it the tightrope we must walk.

Richard Bidleman, Pahoa

Immigrants In The Military

Congress, not Trump, to blame (July 5, 2018)

The AP story regarding immigrant recruits (“US Army Quietly Discharging Immigrant Recruits”) is another attempt to blame the Trump Administration for Congressional failure.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Stock , who implemented MAVNI when Pres. Bush created it, said that the problems began when Pres. Obama combined it with DACA . She said the two programs shouldn’t have been combined because the resulting backlogs , which have festered for years, have destroyed MAVNI.

So MAVNI and DACA were both created by executive order because Congress refused to enact legislation that will grant these folks legal status.

Oh, the Republicans just offered two bills that would have provided them with legal status. Pres. Trump said he’d sign both of them. What happened? The Democrats voted “NO.”

Some of my Filipino family members became citizens through the military and I hope many more immigrants have the same opportunity to become Americans, but it’s Congress’ job to make laws and they’re busy playing politics with peoples’ lives.

Patricia Reilly, Gulfport, MS