So far, there have been only two reported cases of Hawaii residents contracting the COVID-19 virus — with both cases originating outside of the state.

But Hawaii health officials don’t expect those will be the last, as the coronavirus begins to spread more widely around the United States.

Demonstration of preparing nucleic acid for Polymerase Chain Reaction machine that will be used in Coronavirus lab testing/detection.
The Hawaii Department of Health now has the capacity to test about 250 people per week for COVID-19. Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2020

The state Department of Health now has the capacity to test 250 people a week for the virus and may also tap private labs to conduct additional tests.

Gov. David Ige said on Friday that the current priority for testing is focused on people who’ve been in contact with someone who is infected or has a connection to the Grand Princess cruise ship, where several passengers and crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

Even as we learn more about the virus and its spread, many people have unanswered questions. What precautions and practices are really helpful? Is it OK to get on that plane for Kauai?  What happens when people are quarantined? Why are some events being cancelled while others still go on?

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