The Hawaii Department of Health reported one new COVID-19 case Sunday, on Oahu, bringing the state’s total for the pandemic to 632.

The state reported no new deaths. The total stands at 17, including 11 on Oahu and 6 on Maui.

Hawaii has seen a reduction in cases in the past few weeks, in the single digits many days since mid-April and no cases at all reported Friday. But public health authorities say there could be an uptick as the state begins to open up its economy.

Food Bank Distribution Leeward Community College Coronavirus

Though new cases are in the single digits, Hawaii residents continue to reel from the economic consequences of the pandemic, with long lines for food distribution.

Kuʻu Kauanoe/Civil Beat

As of Sunday, a total of 561 people have gotten better. Eight-one have been sick enough to require hospital care, including 56 on Oahu and 22 in Maui County. Only one person has been hospitalized on both the Big Island and Kauai.

In those over 60 years old, 31% have been hospitalized, compared to 11% among ages 40 to 59 and 3.3 percent of those ages 20 to 39. No one younger than 20 has been hospitalized.

A total of 37,372 tests have been done in Hawaii, with 98% of them coming back negative.

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