In the 30-second television advertisement introducing Kym Pine to Oahu voters, the candidate is featured on the move and meeting and speaking with folks.

“During this crisis, Kym has been on the job, working for you, making tough decisions to keep us safe and helping small businesses open safely,” a narrator says.

It’s a nod to the fact that Pine, a Honolulu City Councilwoman, is the only leading candidate for Honolulu mayor to currently hold elective office. It’s arguably an advantage she has over other candidates.

Watch the ad:

The narrator says there are “serious threats to our way of life.” There is no mention of COVID-19, but a news clips tips us off to 242,000 people in Hawaii out of a job.

The candidate herself is soon seen wearing a face mask and appearing to deliver food to those in need.

The ad is empty of platform details, as if often the case in short TV spots.

For example, the narrator says Pine is moving Honolulu beyond economic dependence on tourism but does not explain how.

The narrator also says that Pine has 15 years of “proven leadership” but does not mention that half of it was at the Hawaii Legislature.

It’s refreshing, however, to see a candidate on Zoom, which is not the most flattering platform for anyone but is nonetheless essential and ubiquitous during this pandemic.

Pine is also shown with her husband and young daughter, always an appealing image for a politician.

“We need a strong, passionate and knowledgeable mayor, now more than ever.”

The Pine campaign began running TV ads June 2 and has them scheduled so far to run until July 5.

The ad buys include $4,250 on KGMB including time during the 6 p.m. Hawaii News Now.

Another buy was for $5,000 on KHNL that included $550 for airtime on the widely viewed Hawaii News Now Sunrise.

KHON has also benefitted with tens of thousands of dollars from the Pine campaign. Ad buys began June 8 and the shows featuring the Pine ad include “Sam Choy’s In the Kitchen.”

There is also a 1-minute, 9 -second clip the Pine campaign released on June 2 which can be found on YouTube.

It’s low budget but features pleasing clips of the councilwoman in action. The only narration is the sound of Pine as she was sworn in to run for mayor at Honolulu Hale June 1.

Watch the ad:

Of note: As she is sworn in Pine includes her middle name Marcos, which is also how she’ll be listed on the ballot — Kym Marcos Pine. She is related to the well-known Marcos clan of the Philippines.

The Pine campaign says a new ad is expected to launch in a couple of weeks.

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