Three months ago, as the coronavirus was shutting down the islands, Rick Blangiardi ran political commercials boasting of his strength as a leader.

While the former TV executive and football coach has never held elective office, he argued that what the City and County of Honolulu most needs is the kind of mayor he’d make: a commanding leader.

In his latest ads, Blangiardi wants you to know that he’s not a “career politician,” and that’s a good thing.

In the 30-second spot “Promise,” Blangiardi begins facing the camera with no background, the same approach as in his previous ads.

“Politicians too often dismiss the valuable experience of non-politicians,” he says. “But the fact is, these career politicians are the ones who got us to where we are today.”

Watch the ad:

Blangiardi does not explain what he means by “where we are today.” The viewer, however, can probably intuit what he means: We are deep in a pandemic and recession.

He does not mention who he means by “career politicians” and “political ambition,” but it seems obvious that the former category includes opponents Mufi Hannemann, Kym Pine and Colleen Hanabusa — former and current elected officials of long standing.

A similar ad, titled “Home,” features the candidate in the same blue aloha shirt with the same soundtrack. The message is similar, too, but stresses his love for Hawaii and features the candidate smiling more.

Watch the ad:

“Now, I’m not a politician and I am not building a political career,” he says. “But I do believe I can serve you well as your next mayor.”

Blangiardi’s campaign is running the clips in rotation on KGMB through Sunday on shows including “Jeopardy.” The week’s worth of air time costs around $22,000.

The campaign also dropped several thousand dollars to run spots during KITV’s news programs earlier this month and plans more ads to run later this month and into early August.

Earlier this summer, Blangiardi also ran an ad that did not feature him. “Choose Our Home In The Islands” features island musical legend Henry Kapono.

Watch the ad:

The soundtrack is a familiar one to anyone who listens to local music: Kapono’s “Home in the Islands,” which was memorably covered by the Brothers Cazimero.

“The choices we make today will affect our future and our home in the islands,” Kapono says in the video. “I’ve known Rick for years. I know his heart and what he can do. It’s all about you … and me … and our children.”

The ad closes, as all Blangiardi ads do, with his campaign slogan in big letters on the screen: “It’s about you.”

Maybe. But it’s also about getting voters to vote for Rick Blangiardi in the Aug. 8 primary.

Of note: The campaign says another Blangiardi ad is forthcoming but will not feature the candidate talking to the camera.

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