Honolulu police officers shot and killed a man Wednesday evening while responding to a report of an attempted residential break-in in Nuuanu.

At about 8:10 p.m., dispatch received a 911 call about a man attempting to break into a residence on Coelho Way, according to preliminary information circulated by HPD’s criminal investigation division to other department officials.

HPD Seal before Police Chief Susan Ballard press conference.
A man was fatally shot in a Nuuanu residence, according to an HPD source. Cory Lum/Civil Beat/2020

An officer who responded was “immediately assaulted by the suspect,” the incident summary states, and the officer fired a round from his weapon but “appears to have missed the suspect.”

Another officer arrived and fired two rounds, striking the man in the right chest and left abdomen, the summary said.

The man was taken to The Queen’s Medical Center where he was pronounced dead at 8:56 p.m., according to the summary.

One of the officers was also taken to the hospital. Hawaii News Now reported that someone was taken from the home to the hospital with facial injuries and is in stable condition.

Homicide detectives and officers from the Professional Standards Office were notified about the incident and were responding at the time the summary was written.

This is the second fatal shooting by Honolulu police officers this month. It follows the death last week of Iremamber Sykap, a 16-year-old driver who was shot by officers during a pursuit.

Civil Beat reached out to HPD for comment on Wednesday evening. Spokeswoman Sarah Yoro did not immediately provide information but said the department would hold a press conference on the matter on Thursday morning.

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