A court has ordered a deputy prosecutor in Hilo to stop allegedly harassing his neighbor, a disabled veteran.

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District Judge Kanani Laubach issued a temporary restraining order on Wednesday against Randall Winston “Bew” Albright and his wife Nicole Albright, a massage therapist also known as Isis.

According to neighbor Micah Gauthier, Albright has repeatedly harassed and threatened Gauthier on multiple occasions over things like a shed, the property line and the veteran’s outdoor smoking, the odor of which apparently wafts over the yard to the prosecutor’s house.

A judge granted a TRO this week against Randall Winston “Bew” Albright, center, a deputy prosecutor on the Big Island. Office of the Prosecuting Attorney's Facebook page

“He started accusing us of trespassing. And he started making statements like, ‘I uphold the law and I enforce the law and I won’t tolerate your shed,’” Gauthier said.

He said Albright told him he had pulled all the county permits Gauthier and other neighbors have obtained over the years to examine them, and he determined Gauthier’s shed was illegal.

“He also stated that ‘My brother is a cop and he’ll be over here often,’” Gauthier said. “It was definitely a threat and something to intimidate.”

Albright is listed as a deputy prosecutor in news releases from the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Hawaii County.

Civil Beat reached out by phone and email to the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney seeking comment on Friday morning. Prosecuting Attorney Kelden Waltjen returned the call mid-afternoon. He said he knew there was an ongoing dispute between Albright and a neighbor but he wasn’t aware a temporary restraining order against his employee had been issued.

“Given that it’s a pending civil matter, I can’t really provide any comment. But regarding any personnel matters and whether there would be any disciplinary matters, I’ll be consulting with human resources and our office of corporation counsel if there should be any action taken at this time,” said Waltjen.

A voicemail left on a phone tied to Albright’s wife was not returned.

Process server Lindsey Morin said he knocked on the door of Albright’s house in Paukaa, a former plantation community north of Hilo. He arrived on Thursday to hand the prosecutor an injunction against alleged harassment and a summons to appear in court later this month. Morin said he identified himself as a process server, stated the names of the parties involved, and the nature of his visit. Albright slammed the door in Morin’s face, according to Morin.

“He went running into his house and told his wife to hide. They were trying to close all the blinds,” Morin said.

Morin said he took video of the incident, his standard practice.

Judges or magistrates issue temporary restraining orders if they are convinced that a person might face immediate, irreparable harm unless the respondent is ordered to stop the harassing or threatening behavior. The orders are short-term and last until a full hearing takes place.

A hearing in the Albright case has been set for Aug. 17 at 9:30 a.m. in District Court of the Third Circuit in Hilo.

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