A sampling of some of the photos taken since the day after the wildfires tell the story of what has transpired since Aug. 8.

Civil Beat photojournalists were on the ground in Lahaina the day after the community of 13,000 people was nearly destroyed by a fast-moving wildfire.

Since that day, our photographers have been almost constantly on Maui, visually documenting the devastation and searing loss felt by residents and businesses in the aftermath of the inferno.

But they’ve also captured the hope and the help that has been flooding Lahaina since Aug. 8. People are slowly going about rebuilding their lives with the assistance of government agencies and nonprofits who have collected tens of millions of dollars to aid the survivors.

These photos, displayed in month-by-month galleries, can be tough to look at. The emotion is laid out in full color. But there are moments of grace and joy as well.

We have thousands of images in our growing media database, of Lahaina and Upcountry, the victims and the landscape that was left in ash and ruin. In the past nearly five months, we’ve photographed numerous community gatherings, resource fairs, public officials in various settings from press conferences to legislative hearings. We’ve picked a smattering that we think represents the story that is continuing to unfold and we’ll continue to publish these galleries at the end of each month.

Click on the links below to peruse our photographic coverage of the deadliest American wildfire in the last century.

Civil Beat’s coverage of Maui County is supported in part by grants from the Nuestro Futuro Foundation.

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