Alan D. McNarie

Alan D. McNarie has been covering the Big Island's people and issues for various publications for over a quarter century. He's published two novels: "Yeshua" and "The Soul Keys." He lives in Volcano. Email Alan at

May 2020

Saturday, May 23

Hilo Hospital Sees Big Drop In Patients — And Revenue — Amid Pandemic

April 2020

Sunday, April 26

Artists Are Trying To Survive In This Tiny Big Island Town

March 2020

Wednesday, March 25

Big Island: Proposed Aquarium Fishing Ban Appears Dead In The Legislature

January 2020

Tuesday, January 14

Big Island: The $14 Million Jail Improvement Project Nobody Seems To Want

December 2019

Friday, December 6

Big Island: Council OKs Ban On Roundup And Other Herbicides On County Land

October 2019

Wednesday, October 30

Big Island: County Recycling Cutbacks A Sign Of Global Market Changes

Wednesday, October 2

Big Island: A Popular Volcano Trail Is Rebuilt With A Lot Of Sweat Equity

July 2019

Tuesday, July 30

Big Island: Critics Say County Ignores Animal Shelters’ High Kill Rates

June 2019

Wednesday, June 12

Big Island: Residents Wary Of Subdivision After Bulldozers Damage Cemetery

May 2019

Tuesday, May 28

Big Island: Beach Created By Volcanic Eruption Was Born Polluted

Thursday, May 16

Big Island: Noise From Helicopter Tours Leaves Residents With Frayed Nerves

April 2019

Tuesday, April 30

Big Island: Researchers Battle The Rat Lungworm Problem

Friday, April 12

Big Island: Is It A Waste Of Time To Complain About Illegal Building Here?

March 2019

Thursday, March 7

Big Island: Opponents Will Try To Stop Geothermal Plant From Reopening

Friday, March 1

Big Island: Unlikely Wranglers Oversee An Unusual Roundup

February 2019

Tuesday, February 5

Big Island: No Aloha So Far For A Puna Spaceport

January 2019

Wednesday, January 23

Big Island: New Steam Cracks Plague Residents In Eruption Zone

Thursday, January 10

Big Island: Other Spaceport Plans Crashed — Will This One Fly?

December 2018

Tuesday, December 18

Big Island: No Aloha At These Rough And Tumble Neighborhood Meetings

October 2018

Tuesday, October 30

Big Island: Council Finalists Talk About Homelessness And Housing

Friday, October 12

Big Island: Why A New Beach Created By Lava May Doom A Popular Boat Ramp

September 2018

Wednesday, September 26

Big Island: Residents Say Dairy Is Still Polluting Their Small Town

Monday, September 10

Big Island: The Lessons Learned In Puna As Lava Shelters Shut Down

August 2018

Friday, August 17

Big Island: As Fire And Lava Diminish, Volcano Village Still Struggles

July 2018

Thursday, July 19

Big Island: Incumbent’s Surprise Withdrawal Opens Up Council Race

Wednesday, July 18

Big Island: Volcano Politics Play Out In Lava-Swamped Council District

Thursday, July 5

Big Island: The Village That Can’t Stop Shaking

June 2018

Wednesday, June 27

Big Island: Puna Residents Set Up This Awesome Center For Volcano Refugees

Friday, June 15

Big Island: Rat Lungworm Threatens Animals — Especially Puppies

Monday, June 4

Big Island: Geothermal Plant And Its Neighbors Have Clashed For Decades

May 2018

Monday, May 21

Big Island: What All This Talk About The Volcanic Eruption Really Means

Monday, May 14

Big Island: How Land Schemes Turned Lava Fields Into Subdivisions

Sunday, May 6

Big Island: Eye In The Sky And Earthbound Gadgetry Track The Lava’s Flow

April 2018

Monday, April 9

Big Island: Why Many People May Lose Their Property This Week

March 2018

Friday, March 30

Big Island: Vendors Are Dripping In Hilo As Farmers’ Market Weathers Political Storm

Tuesday, March 27

Alan McNarie: Futuristic Spaceport Gets Chilly Big Island Reception

Friday, March 2

Alan McNarie: Man-Made Disasters Are What Really Worry The Big Island

February 2018

Tuesday, February 13

This Hilo Community Fears Its ‘Toxic’ Neighbors

Friday, February 2

Alan McNarie: This Nuke Plan Would Have Turned Hawaii Upside Down

January 2018

Wednesday, January 3

Alan McNarie: The Hazards Of Swimming Near A Sewage Plant

December 2017

Wednesday, December 6

Alan McNarie: Creepy Christmas Guests Who Hitch A Ride On Your Tree

November 2017

Wednesday, November 29

Alan McNarie: Hilo Hospital Goes It Alone With Rat Lungworm Treatment

Thursday, November 2

Alan McNarie: Lab’s Rat Lungworm Research Finally Gave This Man A Diagnosis

October 2017

Monday, October 23

Alan McNarie: The Men Of Paa

September 2017

Thursday, September 28

Alan McNarie: Helicopter Noise On The Big Island Has Residents Buzzing

Monday, September 18

Alan McNarie: Wait For Drug Treatment On Big Island Can Stretch Months

August 2017

Tuesday, August 8

Alan McNarie: Burning Eucalyptus To Power The Big Island

July 2017

Wednesday, July 19

Officials in Hawaii Breathe Easier After GOP Health Plan Collapses

Monday, July 17

Alan McNarie: Big Island Crime Problems Seem Bigger On Social Media

June 2017

Friday, June 23

Alan McNarie: A Big Island Juggler With Leukemia Faces Deportation