Alia Wong

Alia Wong previously covered education news for Civil Beat.

A Honolulu native, Alia returned to the islands in May 2012 after graduating from Boston University with degrees in journalism and Latin American studies.

Alia was a longtime intern at Civil Beat before landing her position as a reporter-host. One of her stories, “A Lost Child of Kalaupapa,” won her the 2011 Society of Professional Journalists Hawaii Chapter award for best online feature writing.

But not all her intern assignments at Civil Beat have been as glamorous. During the summer of 2012, she had to tour (read: smell) some of Oahu’s nastiest bathrooms for her story The Dirty Dozen: The State of Honolulu’s Public Restrooms.

She sincerely hopes her editors remember she’s no longer an intern.

Before the birth of Civil Beat, Alia wrote for Honolulu Weekly. She also had a number of jobs while in Boston, including as a fellow in Boston University’s writing center and a research assistant on a long-term project that analyzed the relationship among the Mexican Revolution, international cinema and transnational politics.

Alia is a self-proclaimed globetrotter and will do anything she can to travel to new places. She developed a fascination with Latin America while in high school and hasn’t been able to keep herself away since. Most recently she traveled to Ecuador, where she lived and studied for six months.

You can follow Alia on Twitter at @aliaemily