Brett Oppegaard

Brett Oppegaard has a doctorate degree in technical communication and rhetoric. He studies journalism and media forms as an associate professor at the University of Hawaii Manoa, in the School of Communications. He also has worked for many years in the journalism industry. Comment below or email Brett at

Reader Rep is a media criticism and commentary column that is independent from Civil Beat’s editorial staff and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Civil Beat.

February 2018

Monday, February 26

Reader Rep: My Own Experiences With OIP Have Been Terrible

Monday, February 12

Reader Rep: The Truth Is Out There — Unless The Media Screws Up

January 2018

Monday, January 29

Reader Rep: Media Focus On ‘False Alarm’ Didn’t Go Deep Enough

Tuesday, January 2

Reader Rep: Why I Write About The Local Media

December 2017

Tuesday, December 26

Reader Rep: Media Ethics Policies Ought To Be On Public Display

Monday, December 18

Reader Rep: Media Should Treat Online Comments Like Part Of The Story

Monday, December 11

Reader Rep: When Should You Credit Your Media Competitors?

Monday, December 4

Reader Rep: Hawaii Kai Tree-Lighting Shenanigans Continue

November 2017

Monday, November 27

Reader Rep: Hawaii Reporters Are Giving The Rich A Free Ride

Monday, November 20

Reader Rep: State Hospital Escape Coverage Really Took Us Places

Monday, November 13

Reader Rep: How Should We Pay For ‘Real’ Journalism?

Monday, November 6

Reader Rep: Debunking The Tale Of Two Women Lost At Sea

October 2017

Monday, October 30

Reader Rep: When Anonymous Sourcing Is Practically Encouraged

Monday, October 23

Reader Rep: If You’re Aware Of Public Corruption, Speak Up Now

Monday, October 16

Reader Rep: Big Questions About Hawaiian ‘Princess’ Coverage

Monday, October 9

Reader Rep: Here’s How The Media Can Start To Win Back Public Trust

Monday, October 2

Reader Rep: Reporters Are Ignoring Trouble At The Honolulu Zoo

September 2017

Monday, September 25

Reader Rep: When Journalists Join The Sales Team, Credibility Suffers

Monday, September 18

Reader Rep: Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth From The HPD?

Monday, September 11

Reader Rep: Dig Deeper Into Peter Apo’s Misdeeds

Tuesday, September 5

Reader Rep: Restaurant Food Safety Isn’t Getting Enough Media Attention

August 2017

Monday, August 28

Reader Rep: Deceptiveness and Secrecy Mark Honolulu Rail Project

Monday, August 21

Reader Rep: Hawaii Media Would Be Weaker Without Student Paper

Monday, August 14

Reader Rep: Time To Cut The Rhetoric And Use Words Wisely

Monday, August 7

Reader Rep: How One Young Journalist Is Making It Work In Hawaii

July 2017

Monday, July 31

Reader Rep: White House Uses A 9-Year-Old To Avoid Real Questions

Monday, July 24

Reader Rep: A TV Station Decides Its Sportscast Is No Longer Sacred

Monday, July 17

Reader Rep: Don’t Let Technology Replace Your Own Good Sense

Monday, July 10

Reader Rep: Star-Advertiser Should Stop Skipping State Journalism Contest

Monday, July 3

Reader Rep: News Outlets Should Adopt And Display A Code of Ethics

June 2017

Monday, June 26

Reader Rep: We All Need To Demand More Open Government

Monday, June 19

Reader Rep: Eddie Would Talk — And Turn Over Public Records

Monday, June 12

Reader Rep: When Public Officials Hide Information From The Public

Monday, June 5

Reader Rep: In The Trump Era, Anonymous Sources Are Often Justified

May 2017

Tuesday, May 30

Reader Rep: An Attack On A Journalist Is An Attack On You

Monday, May 22

Reader Rep: Podcasters Helping Put Spark Back In Journalism

Monday, May 15

Reader Rep: When Marketing Replaces The News

Monday, May 8

Reader Rep: Media Transparency Is Key To Regaining Public Trust

Monday, May 1

Reader Rep: What’s Worse Than Stealing Credit For A Story? The Cover Up

April 2017

Monday, April 24

Reader Rep: If The News Is Fake, At Least Be Transparent About It

Monday, April 17

Reader Rep: Why Hawaii Media Need To Better Serve The Visually Impaired

Monday, April 10

Reader Rep: Hawaii Journalists Could Learn From This Kansas High School Class

Monday, April 3

Reader Rep: Focus On Where You Went To High School Is Misleading

March 2017

Tuesday, March 28

Reader Rep: The Public Deserves Better Than ‘No Comment’

Monday, March 20

Reader Rep: Journalists Rely Too Much On Canned Statements

Monday, March 13

Reader Rep: When Journalists Take Credit For Their Colleagues’ Work

Monday, March 6

Reader Rep: The News Media’s Shifting World

February 2017

Monday, February 27

Reader Rep: Odd Reporting Of An Odd Death At The Airport

Tuesday, February 21

Reader Rep: Journalists Are Dropping The Ball On Some Stories

Monday, February 13

Reader Rep: Don’t Let Trump Overshadow Local Issues

Monday, February 6

Reader Rep: Super Gabby Can Redeem Herself By Being Honest

January 2017

Monday, January 30

Reader Rep: No, The Islands Aren’t Safe From What’s Going On In DC

Monday, January 23

Reader Rep: Stand Up To Stop Police Chief-Style Deals

Tuesday, January 17

Reader Rep: Damage Done By Internet Trolls Can Still Be Repaired

Monday, January 9

Reader Rep: Don’t Let Public’s Business Be Done Behind Our Backs

Tuesday, January 3

Reader Rep: Exploring The Media — Where Do We Go From Here?

December 2016

Tuesday, December 27

Reader Rep: News Consumers Must Pitch In To Improve The Product

Monday, December 19

Reader Rep: Restricting Media Access For All The Wrong Reasons

Monday, December 12

Reader Rep: The #Pizzagate Case And Our Media-Literacy Crisis

Monday, December 5

Reader Rep: Technology — And Trump — Dictate Pace Of Discourse

November 2016

Monday, November 28

Reader Rep: Watch What You Say Or Face The Obvious Consequences

Monday, November 21

Reader Rep: Trump And The Press: Alive And Well In Bizarro World

Monday, November 14

Reader Rep: Was It Fair To Turn Kirk Caldwell Into A Cardboard Cutout?

Monday, November 7

Reader Rep: Hawaii Should Reinstate Shield Law Immediately

October 2016

Monday, October 31

Reader Rep: Hawaii Mayor Billy Kenoi Scandal Stains Journalist, Too

Monday, October 24

Reader Rep: Is That Article You’re Sharing On Facebook Even True?

Wednesday, October 19

Reader Rep: TV Needs Real Climate Coverage, Not Just Today’s Weather

Monday, October 10

Reader Rep: Clinton Faces Sexism In Media And She’s Not The Only One

Monday, October 3

Reader Rep: Was Civil Beat Right To Publish The Billy Kenoi Party Video?

September 2016

Monday, September 26

Reader Rep: Billy Kenoi Should Blame Himself, Not The Media

Monday, September 19

Reader Rep: When Computers Replace Journalists, Watch Out

Monday, September 12

Reader Rep: Why Isn’t The Star-Advertiser Open About Its Problems?

Tuesday, September 6

Reader Rep: Do Honolulu Police Have Something To Hide?

August 2016

Monday, August 29

Reader Rep: The Real Research On Anonymity In Online Comments

Monday, August 22

Reader Rep: Don’t Freak Out If Your Kid Wants To Study Journalism

Monday, August 15

Reader Rep: Taking Issue With Civil Beat’s New Commenting System

Monday, August 8

Reader Rep: Commenters, Paid Or Not, Should Adhere To Standards

Monday, August 1

Reader Rep: Big Storms Give TV Reporters Their Moment In The Sun

July 2016

Monday, July 25

Reader Rep: Judging The Journalism, Not The Journalist

Monday, July 18

Reader Rep: You Own What You Post On Social Media

Monday, July 11

Reader Rep: Dig For The Best Sources To Do Better Journalism

Tuesday, July 5

Reader Rep: Together, Journalists Can Do Great Things

June 2016

Monday, June 27

Reader Rep: Journalists Need To Do The Math On Rail

Monday, June 20

Reader Rep: Hawaii’s Sheriff Division Shrouded In Silly Secrecy

Monday, June 13

Reader Rep: Good Journalists Give Proper Credit

Monday, June 6

Reader Rep: Local News Social-Media Numbers Are Suspect

May 2016

Tuesday, May 31

Reader Rep: The Star-Advertiser May Be No. 12 But Size Isn’t Everything

Monday, May 23

Reader Rep: Let Us Now Praise Professional Journalists

Monday, May 16

Reader Rep: We Need To Know Where Information Is Coming From

Monday, May 9

Reader Rep: This Is Why Journalists Need To Name Names

Monday, May 2

Reader Rep: When Every Story Is ‘EXCLUSIVE’ It Soon Means Nothing

April 2016

Monday, April 25

Reader Rep: Journalism Is The Best ‘Worst’ Job In The World

Monday, April 18

Reader Rep: Can News Media Help Us Assess The NextEra Merger?

Monday, April 11

Reader Rep: The Enemy Of Good Journalism Is Shallowness

Monday, April 4

Reader Rep: Facebook Sourcing Worse Than Anonymous Sourcing

March 2016

Tuesday, March 29

Reader Rep: Time To Talk About KHON Editor’s Transgressions

Tuesday, March 22

Reader Rep: Anonymous Sources Come In Many Shapes And Sizes

Tuesday, March 15

Reader Rep: Sources Say This Column Is Great!

Tuesday, March 8

Reader Rep: Examining Hawaii’s Media Ecology From A New Perspective