Civil Beat Editorial Board

October 2021

Sunday, October 10

Free The Covid Cluster Data. Tell Us Where Outbreaks Are Occurring

Sunday, October 3

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: UH Astronomy’s Greg Chun And Doug Simons

Ranked Choice Voting Will Improve Hawaii’s Elections

September 2021

Sunday, September 19

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: City Council Leaders Tommy Waters And Esther Kiaʻāina

July 2021

Sunday, July 18

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: Tourism Executive Mufi Hannemann

Thursday, July 8

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: State Auditor Les Kondo

Friday, July 2

Get The Community More Involved In Hiring The Next Honolulu Police Chief

June 2021

Friday, June 25

The Legislature Is Right To Mandate Public Disclosure Of COVID-19 In Schools

Wednesday, June 23

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: Gov. David Ige

Friday, June 18

Don’t Repeal Hawaii’s Tobacco Prevention Trust Fund

Thursday, June 17

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: US Sen. Mazie Hirono

Tuesday, June 8

Honolulu Mayor Must Select Police Commissioner With Broad Support

Friday, June 4

Rebuild Aloha Stadium? That’s Not A Good Idea

May 2021

Friday, May 28

Honolulu Police Need A Bodycam Policy That Instills Trust

Thursday, May 27

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: US Rep. Ed Case

Friday, May 21

Gov. Ige, It’s Time To Let Vaxed People Fly

Sunday, May 16

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: Honolulu Prosecutor Steve Alm

Friday, May 14

Hawaii Gov Should Veto New Red-Light Camera Program

Tuesday, May 11

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: Hawaii House Leaders

Sunday, May 9

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: US Sen. Brian Schatz

Friday, May 7

Bill Requiring State Agencies To Buy Local Is A Big Step Forward

April 2021

Friday, April 30

Make Hawaii’s Law Enforcement Review Board Permanent

Friday, April 23

We Need A Better Explanation Of Why That Body Cam Video Has Not Been Released

Friday, April 16

Hawaii’s Agriculture Development Agency Needs To Be A Priority For Lawmakers

Friday, April 9

Hawaii Lawmakers Should Fund This Green Jobs Program

Friday, April 2

The Legislature Should Not Create Barriers To The Public’s Access To Virtual Meetings

March 2021

Friday, March 26

Get Rid Of Cash Bail In Hawaii

Friday, March 19

Ige, Lawmakers Need To Quit Stalling When It Comes To Police And Prison Reforms

Friday, March 12

A Community Garden Is A Must-Have For West Oahu

Sunday, March 7

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: The ACLU Of Hawaii

Friday, March 5

Lift Interisland Travel Restrictions Now

February 2021

Sunday, February 28

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: UH Economists Carl Bonham And Sumner La Croix

Friday, February 26

Gov And LG Need To Get On The Same Page On Major Public Statements

Sunday, February 21

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: DOE Superintendent Christina Kishimoto

Friday, February 19

A Lottery Would Be A Winning Ticket For Education In Hawaii

Sunday, February 14

The Civil Beat Editorial Board Interview: UH President David Lassner

Friday, February 12

An Office Of Public Accountability Is Unnecessary And Unwise

Friday, February 5

Lawmakers Must Fix The Agribusiness Development Corporation

January 2021

Friday, January 29

The State Of The State Address That Wasn’t

Friday, January 22

Now Is Exactly The Wrong Time To Waste $30 Million Fixing Capitol Pools

December 2020

Thursday, December 31

Dear Mayor-Elect Blangiardi: Please Add Transparency To Your Agenda

Thursday, December 24

Mayor, Police Chief Owe Public Answers On Surveillance Scheme

Friday, December 18

It’s Time For America To Ditch The Electoral College

Friday, December 11

Lift The Suspension Of Hawaii’s Public Records Law

Friday, December 4

Modifying Safe Travels Program Could Allay Health, Economic Fears

November 2020

Friday, November 20

Only Lawmakers Can Fix Hawaii’s Mask Mandate. What Are They Waiting For?

Friday, November 6

More Voter Service Centers Essential For Timely Election Results

October 2020

Friday, October 30

Honolulu Police Must Implement A Conflict Of Interest Policy

Friday, October 23

Legislature Must Give The Police Standards Board The Money It Needs To Do Its Job

Friday, October 9

4 Reasons You Must Vote — And Soon

September 2020

Tuesday, September 22

Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s Foolish Plan To Fatten HPD With CARES Money

Thursday, September 17

Term Limits For Honolulu Prosecutor Are A Great Idea

Thursday, September 10

Solo Activity Order Yet Another Senseless Move From Caldwell

August 2020

Monday, August 31

The Legislature Needs To Force Ige’s Hand On The Public Disclosure Of COVID-19 Data

Wednesday, August 26

Don’t Blow This Chance To Get Oahu’s Virus Under Control

Thursday, August 20

The House COVID-19 Panel Has A Good Plan. Let’s Do It — Now

Thursday, August 13

Top Honolulu Official Needs To Step Down During Criminal Probe

Monday, August 3

Hawaii Needs A Better COVID-19 Communications Strategy

July 2020

Monday, July 13

Ige Should Block Union Pay Raises

June 2020

Thursday, June 18

It’s Time For Lawmakers To Stand With The Public Against Police Misconduct

May 2020

Monday, May 11

The Hawaii Legislature Should Not Delay Tough Calls

April 2020

Wednesday, April 29

Hawaii’s Legislature Must Find A Way To Get Back To Work

Saturday, April 25

Time For Hawaii To Ramp Up Contact Tracing

Tuesday, April 7

Release Nonviolent Inmates. It’s The Humane Thing To Do

Wednesday, April 1

Ige Needs To Bring The Public’s Business Back Into The Open — Now

March 2020

Monday, March 16

Don’t Keep The Public From Participating In Public Policy During A Crisis

Tuesday, March 10

Fear Of Fluoridation Ignores Science And Common Sense

February 2020

Monday, February 24

Make Lead Poisoning Testing Mandatory For Hawaii’s Kids

Tuesday, February 18

Why Is The Hawaii Legislature Still Protecting Bad Cops?

Monday, February 10

The Ongoing TMT Crisis Cries Out For Collective Hawaii Leadership

January 2020

Thursday, January 2

Want To Really Diversify Hawaii Ag? Cultivate Hemp

December 2019

Monday, December 23

Public Officials Who Commit Job-Related Felonies Should Lose Pensions

Thursday, December 19

Playground’s Move To Kakaako A Big Win For Compromise

Tuesday, December 17

Renegotiate Treaties With Micronesia To Help Micronesia

Friday, December 13

Find Creative Ways To Help Renters Pay Crippling Security Deposits

Tuesday, December 10

Support The Disabled: Make Honolulu’s Handi-Van Truly Handy

Wednesday, December 4

It’s Way Past Time For Independent Analysis Of The Cost Of Legislation

Monday, December 2

Now’s Our Chance To Clean House In Honolulu Government

November 2019

Tuesday, November 26

Feds Need To Investigate Hawaii Lawyer Involved In Marshallese Adoptions

Monday, November 25

Enough Talk — Honolulu Needs To Restrict Single-Use Plastics

Wednesday, November 20

Children’s Playground A Bad Fit For Ala Moana Park

Monday, November 18

Hawaii Has A Meth Problem That Needs Attention — Now

Wednesday, November 13

Hawaii Should Be First State To Require Student Swim Lessons

Wednesday, November 6

Honolulu’s Proposed Beach Park Rules Are Long Overdue

October 2019

Thursday, October 31

Neither Of The Kealohas Deserve Leniency

Tuesday, October 29

Our DC Delegation Needs To Step Up To Save Honolulu’s Drinking Water

Friday, October 25

Let’s Put A Muzzle On Those Awful Noise-Polluting Mopeds

Tuesday, October 22

We Can’t Let Civil Disobedience Continue To Obstruct Our Legal Process

Friday, October 18

State Finally Gets It Right With Much Higher Fees At Public Harbors

Thursday, October 17

Honolulu Mayor Should Veto City Council’s Union-Friendly Public Works Bill

Friday, October 11

Want To ‘Keep Hawaii Hawaii’? That’s Going To Cost Money

September 2019

Monday, September 30

Find The Money Now To Fix Diamond Head’s Lookout

Monday, September 23

Honolulu Must Reveal Why It Hired Mainland Attorneys

August 2019

Wednesday, August 28

Legislative Leaders Need To Crack Down On Their HART Appointees

Wednesday, August 14

Tourism’s Tipping Point Should Be A Turning Point For Hawaii

Monday, August 12

Stop Holding Hawaii’s Primary Election On Saturday

Thursday, August 1

Honolulu Needs An Ethics Commission That Is Ethical

July 2019

Wednesday, July 31

Atrocious Housing Conditions At Military Bases Must Be Fixed

Monday, July 22

Ige’s Veto Of Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill Makes No Sense

Wednesday, July 17

It’s Time For Term Limits For The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney

Monday, July 1

It’s Definitely Not Time To Move On From The Kealohas’ Corruption Case

June 2019

Wednesday, June 26

Gov. Ige Should Rethink Some Of His Veto Targets

Wednesday, June 19

Taxing Unoccupied Homes Is A Good Idea

Wednesday, June 12

Where’s The Money, DOE? Time To Turn Over Public Financial Records

Monday, June 10

Wespac: Fisheries Management Council Needs To Be Fully Investigated

Monday, June 3

Paying For Trash Pickup: This Is One New Fee That Makes Sense

May 2019

Friday, May 10

The Governor And His Agencies Must Decide Where Public Water Will Flow

Wednesday, May 8

Election Reform: A Step Forward But Still Much To Be Done

April 2019

Wednesday, April 24

Police Misconduct Bill Is Not Just About Naming Bad Cops

Thursday, April 18

Don’t Let Petty Politics Block A Project To Prevent Ala Wai Canal Flooding

Monday, April 15

Governor Ige, It’s Time For A New Public Safety Director

Monday, April 8

Stop Anti-Vaxxers From Putting Hawaii Kids At Risk

March 2019

Monday, March 25

Feed Hawaii’s Hungry

Tuesday, March 19

An Inmate Riot In An Overcrowded Jail Shows Legislators Should Not Bail On Bail Reform

Monday, March 11

Finish The Job: Legislators Making Progress On Elections, Government Ethics

February 2019

Tuesday, February 26

Don’t Let The Cop Misconduct Bill Die — Again

Monday, February 25

We Can Save On Electricity And Help The Environment

Friday, February 15

Legislature Should Stop Shooting Down Hawaii’s Most-Needed Reforms

Thursday, February 14

Stop This End Run Around Hawaii Public Records Law

Tuesday, February 12

Hawaii Should Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana

Thursday, February 7

Raise The Minimum Wage To At Least $15 An Hour

Friday, February 1

Honolulu’s Mayor Must Own Up To Rail’s Failures

January 2019

Wednesday, January 30

Quit Stalling On The New Police Standards Board

Monday, January 14

Don’t Blow This Chance To Reform Hawaii’s Terrible Prison System

Wednesday, January 9

Reopen Government And Argue About The Wall Later

Wednesday, January 2

Lawmakers Must Resist Any Effort To Undercut Hawaii’s Public Records Law

December 2018

Friday, December 21

DOE Workers Deserve Better When They’re Injured On The Job

Friday, December 14

Keith Kaneshiro’s Raised Middle Finger

Tuesday, December 11

Can Someone Please Tell Us What The Hell Is Going On At The City Prosecutor’s Office?

Monday, December 3

Honolulu Cops Have Two Good Ideas To Help The Homeless

November 2018

Monday, November 26

Give Hawaii’s LG A Real Job To Do

Wednesday, November 21

Here’s An Idea: A Lottery To Pay For Honolulu Rail

Monday, November 19

Care Home Audit Demands Swift Action From Ige

Tuesday, November 13

Hawaii Needs Automatic Recount For Close Elections

Monday, November 5

Hawaii Needs A School Bullying Policy Worthy Of Its Students

Thursday, November 1

Vote Yes On The HART Board Charter Question

October 2018

Wednesday, October 31

With High Court’s Ruling On Mauna Kea, It’s Time To Move Forward

Friday, October 26

Hawaii Must Bring More Urgency To Disaster Preparations

Wednesday, October 24

Support The ConCon — 10 Years Is Too Long To Wait For Another Chance

Thursday, October 18

If We Want To Fix Hawaii Government We Have To Do It Ourselves

Tuesday, October 9

Don’t Let A Campaign Of Fear Stop A Constitutional Convention

Monday, October 8

The State Should Support Waianae’s Existing ‘Ohana Zone’

Thursday, October 4

Voters Need To Know Sooner Who’s Paying To Influence Them

Tuesday, October 2

A ConCon Might Be The Way To Finally Get Election Reform

September 2018

Tuesday, September 25

Citizen Initiative: A Tool Hawaii Could Really Use

Tuesday, September 18

State Constitutional Convention: Let’s Have The Conversation

Wednesday, September 12

Voter Intimidation Claims Against Romy Cachola Must Be Investigated

Tuesday, September 11

We Need Answers To Important Questions Before We Build A New Jail

Monday, September 10

Get Rid Of ‘Gut And Replace’ Legislating

Friday, September 7

Do The School Tax Ballot Question Right Or Don’t Do It At All

August 2018

Wednesday, August 29

Caldwell’s Short-Term Rental Plan Holds Real Promise

Wednesday, August 22

Romy Cachola Voter Fraud Allegations Demand An Investigation

Thursday, August 16

The ‘Enemy Of The People’ Is Actually Doing Its Job

July 2018

Tuesday, July 31

Get Off Your Damn Okole And Vote

Wednesday, July 25

Get Ready For Scare Tactics To Ward Off A Constitutional Convention

Tuesday, July 24

Leave The Uber-Taxi Debate To The Consumer

Thursday, July 12

Ige, Police Chiefs Deserve Our Support With New Police Board

Monday, July 2

Don’t Veto The New Police Certification Board

May 2018

Thursday, May 17

Don’t Let The Mayor Pick Honolulu’s Top Cop

Friday, May 11

Officials Need To Back Off When It Comes To Media Access To Hazardous Scenes

April 2018

Monday, April 23

Hawaii House Needs To Beef Up Harassment Rules — Now

Wednesday, April 18

Lawmakers Really Need To Prohibit Fundraising During Session

Tuesday, April 10

Really? You’re Going To Let Mail-In Voting Die? Again?

March 2018

Friday, March 30

It’s Long Past Time To Allow Mobile Homes In Hawaii

Wednesday, March 28

White House Must Back Off Census Change

Friday, March 23

The Silence On Sexual Harassment Needs To End

Monday, March 12

Let’s Not Move So Fast On Waianae Camp Sweep

Monday, March 5

This Time Hawaii Lawmakers Must Deliver On All-Mail Elections

February 2018

Monday, February 26

Let’s Erase The Stain On Patsy Mink’s Legacy

Tuesday, February 20

State Public Records Agency Needs A Hard 6-Month Deadline

Friday, February 9

SHOPO V. Ballard: Don’t Let The Police Union Bully HPD’s New Chief

Wednesday, February 7

Terminally Ill Have A Fundamental Right To End Their Suffering

Friday, February 2

Here’s An Awesome Idea: Make Hawaii’s Rental Cars Electric Vehicles

January 2018

Monday, January 29

Affordable Housing: This Is One Time We Should Look To The Mainland

Wednesday, January 10

Hanabusa Should Follow Her Own Advice And Resign

Monday, January 8

Time For Defiance Of Jeff Sessions’ Renewed War On Pot

Friday, January 5

Hawaii’s Failure To Keep Bad Cops Off The Job Is Criminal

Wednesday, January 3

Honolulu Must Help Businesses Hurt By Rail Construction

December 2017

Tuesday, December 19

Hawaii Legislators Must Fix The Broken Workers’ Comp System

Monday, December 18

Constitutional Convention: It May Be Time To Go Over Legislators’ Heads

Friday, December 8

No Justice For Abused Toddler

Tuesday, December 5

It’s Not Too Late To Build Rail Better

November 2017

Wednesday, November 29

The Trouble With Cats

Wednesday, November 22

Don’t Give Up On Honolulu’s Recycling Effort

Monday, November 20

Let’s Get Real About Fixing The Hawaii State Hospital

Tuesday, November 14

There Should Be No Secret Deal With Airbnb

October 2017

Monday, October 30

Rail Project Gets Some Much-Needed Money Management Help From State

Friday, October 27

Here’s Our Advice For Our New Police Chief

Monday, October 23

Let’s Scrap The Police Chief Search And Start Over

Wednesday, October 18

Hawaii Judge Is Right To Keep Fighting Oppressive Travel Bans

Monday, October 16

Safe Zones For The Homeless Are Worth A Try

Wednesday, October 11

Honolulu Police Commission Chairman Should Just Resign

Tuesday, October 3

Congress Must ‘Get Off Its Ass’ And Move To Stop Gun Violence

September 2017

Wednesday, September 27

Doing Away With The Jones Act May Help Puerto Rico — And Hawaii

Monday, September 25

Hawaii Must Prepare As Trump And Kim Continue Their Dangerous Game

Thursday, September 21

Make It Easier, Not Harder, To Access Hawaii’s Public Records

Friday, September 15

Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’ Plan Deserves Serious Consideration

Tuesday, September 12

Honolulu Rail: Hawaii Lawmakers Deserve Credit For Doing Their Job

Friday, September 8

Congress Must Act To Undo A Massive Injustice To ‘Dreamers’

August 2017

Monday, August 28

Any Bailout Of Honolulu Rail Must Include Tough State Oversight

Thursday, August 24

Let’s Preserve And Perpetuate Art In Public Places

Wednesday, August 16

UH Should Save Ka Leo — And Bring It Into The Digital Age

Monday, August 7

Marco Polo Fire: Taxpayers Should Help Pay For High-Rise Sprinklers

July 2017

Monday, July 31

Biki Is A Good Start But Honolulu Must Do A Lot More To Be Bike-Friendly

Monday, July 24

Mayor Caldwell Needs To Act Now To Strengthen The Police Commission

Thursday, July 6

Don’t Drown The Aquarium Bill

June 2017

Friday, June 30

Ige’s Blown Wespac Appointment Costly For Hawaii

Wednesday, June 28

Governor Must Follow Through On Intent To Veto Union Giveaway

Wednesday, June 21

Honolulu Must Toughen Its Lax Lobbying Rules

Thursday, June 15

Honolulu Needs To Do More For Small Neighborhood Parks

Friday, June 9

Hawaii Must Step Up In The Fight Against Climate Change

May 2017

Wednesday, May 31

Kauai Councilman Violated The Public’s Trust

Monday, May 22

Lawmakers Must Make Good On Deal To Raise Foster Parent Fees

Thursday, May 11

Police Commission Needs To Rethink The Citizen Selection Committee

Monday, May 8

Honolulu Rail: Caldwell’s Lack Of Leadership Is A Continuing Problem

April 2017

Friday, April 28

No More Bailouts For Honolulu Rail

Tuesday, April 18

Leave Papahanaumokuakea Protections In Place

Thursday, April 13

Stripping Lifeguards Of Immunity Would Be A Perilous Mistake

Tuesday, April 11

Honolulu Police Should Work With The Press, Not Hide From It

Friday, April 7

Hawaii Should Inspect Care Homes As Carefully As It Does Restaurants

March 2017

Wednesday, March 29

Honolulu Rail: City Needs To Get It Together Or Give It Up

Vote-By-Mail: Make Hawaii’s Abysmal Elections Cheaper And Better

Monday, March 20

Hawaii Learned Its Lesson On Discrimination 75 Years Ago

Wednesday, March 1

It’s Long Past Time To Stop The Fistfights In Waianae

February 2017

Monday, February 27

Why Hawaii Republicans Are Destined To Be Irrelevant

Wednesday, February 22

With EPA Under Siege, Hawaii Must Protect Its Own Environment

Thursday, February 16

Deedy Case: Time To Let Go Of A Case That’s Gone Nowhere

Friday, February 10

Toddler Assault: Peyton Valiente Deserves Justice

Tuesday, February 7

Sanctuary State: Hawaii Must Stand Up For Its Values

Wednesday, February 1

Gabbard Crossed The Line With Secret Trip To Syria

January 2017

Thursday, January 26

Be Like Seattle: Services Not Jail For Minor Offenders

Monday, January 23

Let The Terminally Ill Exercise Personal Freedom

Tuesday, January 17

HPD Chief’s Secret Payoff: It’s The Principle That Should Count

Tuesday, January 10

47 States Have An Airport Authority — Why Not Hawaii?

December 2016

Wednesday, December 28

The Only Cure For Our Police Blues: Put Chief On Permanent Leave

Monday, December 19

Navy Should Think Twice Before Dropping Bombs On Pagan

Monday, December 5

Don’t Like The Homeless In Our Backyards? Then Fix The Problem

November 2016

Monday, November 21

Hawaii Needs To Act Now On New Day Care Rules

Tuesday, November 8

Get Out And Vote, But Remember, Our Work Is Just Beginning

Thursday, November 3

In Kenoi Case, Don’t Confuse ‘Not Guilty’ With ‘Innocent’

Wednesday, November 2

End The Public Records Runaround On Saguaro Prison

October 2016

Monday, October 31

HART’s New Appointees Must Hit The Ground Running

Friday, October 28

Extend Term Limits For Mayor, Council? No, 8 Years Is Enough

Thursday, October 27

Pass Amendment 20 In Support Of Public Records Access

Wednesday, October 26

Poll Shows Public Consensus Is Still Possible — At Least On Oahu

Wednesday, October 19

Caldwell Did The Right Thing With Police Commission Pick

Tuesday, October 11

Hawaii Needs This Three-Step Plan To Fight Opioid Addiction

Thursday, October 6

The Feds Should Give Hawaii More Time To Figure Out A Rail Plan

Wednesday, October 5

Voters Can Bolster Police Oversight By Passing Honolulu Ballot Measure

September 2016

Friday, September 30

Honolulu Should Audit Hanauma Bay Fund, Repay Any Misused Cash

Tuesday, September 27

Hawaii Should Heed Charlotte’s Police Body Cam Lessons

Monday, September 26

Fresh Ideas Urgently Needed To Address Special Education Woes

Thursday, September 22

Honolulu Has 16 Million Reasons To Reform Its Housing Programs

Tuesday, September 20

Investigation Of Hawaii State Auditor Needs To Be Made Public

Monday, September 19

Inquiry, Intervention Needed Now In Fishing Exploitation

Friday, September 16

Honolulu Wasted A Lot Of Public Money To Fight Homeless Lawsuit

Wednesday, September 14

City Leaders Have To Stop Turning Their Backs On Affordable Housing

Monday, September 12

New Honolulu Police Commissioner Brings A Much-Needed Voice

Thursday, September 8

The Secrecy Surrounding Hawaii Prisons Has Got To Stop

Wednesday, September 7

Big Role For The New East-West Center President: Enticing Obama

Thursday, September 1

Open Up Rail Project Books Before Asking For More Money

August 2016

Tuesday, August 30

Thank You, Mr. President, For Expanding Papahanaumokuakea

Friday, August 26

There’s One Obvious Solution To Hawaii’s Feral Cat Problem

Wednesday, August 24

Hawaii Should Pay Attention To Feds’ Decision On Private Prisons

Monday, August 22

34.8 Percent Turnout? Hawaii Must Do Better

Friday, August 12

Go Vote — It’s Too Important To Pass Up

Tuesday, August 9

How To Make $250K In Just Hours A Month!

Monday, August 8

Hawaiian Electric Must Come Up With A Post-NextEra Plan

Monday, August 1

Voters Must Tighten Rail’s Short Leash

July 2016

Thursday, July 28

Police Union Shouldn’t Block Body Cameras In Kauai

Monday, July 25

It’s Time To Consider Implementing Rent Control In Hawaii

Thursday, July 21

Mark Takai: The Legacy Of A Servant And A Fighter For Hawaii

Monday, July 18

Hemp: You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

Friday, July 15

When It Comes To The Marine Monument, Bigger Is Better

Monday, July 11

Dan Gluck Is A Great Choice To Run The State Ethics Commission

June 2016

Thursday, June 23

Legislature, Ige Get It Right On CARE Act

Tuesday, June 21

Congress Won’t Act On Gun Control, But States Like Hawaii Can

Monday, June 20

Honolulu Ethics Director: Losing Him When We Need Him Most

Monday, June 13

A Step Toward Accountability On Police Misconduct

Wednesday, June 8

Presidential Politics: Our Civic Duty For The Next 5 Months

Monday, June 6

Honolulu’s Not-So-Glamorous NY Times Closeup

Friday, June 3

Police Reform May Be Hard, But It Must Be Done

Thursday, June 2

Hanabusa Should Resign From HART Board To Run For Congress

May 2016

Tuesday, May 31

Pesticide Report Demands Action From Ige, Legislature

Thursday, May 26

Ige Should Sign ‘Rap Back’ FBI Gun Notification Bill

Monday, May 23

Congress Must Help Fight Zika Effectively, And Now

Friday, May 20

Help Wanted, Ethics Department — Please

Wednesday, May 18

Honolulu Rail’s New, Profound Woes Demand Changes

Monday, May 16

The Case For Medical Aid In Dying

Friday, May 13

‘Contested Case’ Changes May Speed Up TMT Ruling

Wednesday, May 11

The Flaws In The Airbnb Bill Call For A Gubernatorial Veto

Monday, May 9

2016 Legislature: A Session Of Progress — For The Most Part

Friday, May 6

Fatal Flaws Mean Senate Must Say No To TPP Agreement

Monday, May 2

Hawaii Lawmakers Need To Finish The Job On Hemp, Medical Pot

April 2016

Tuesday, April 26

Disappointed? New Warning Signs Soft-Pedal Real Danger

Monday, April 25

Homeless In Hawaii: House Leaders Need To Step Up With More Money

Wednesday, April 20

Honolulu Mayor Can’t Pass The Buck On Rail Project

Monday, April 18

Improve Mental Health Care Access By Expanding Prescribing Authority

Friday, April 15

Zika Findings Require Immediate Federal, State Response

Wednesday, April 13

Show Us Whose Fingerprints Are All Over Legislative Bills

Wednesday, April 6

The State Must Be Held Accountable On TMT Process

Tuesday, April 5

Resignation Is The Only Option Left For Billy Kenoi

Monday, April 4

Will Honolulu Leaders Ever Adopt A United Front On Affordable Housing?

March 2016

Wednesday, March 30

It’s Time For Hawaii To Move To State-Run Presidential Primaries

Monday, March 28

Sen. Mazie Hirono Is A Welcome Counter To The Voices Of Intolerance

Friday, March 18

We Need Solid Data On Pesticide Use

Thursday, March 17

It’s Time To Take Away The Police Commission’s Rubber Stamp

Monday, March 14

Sports Task Force Could Help Hawaii Get Back In The Game

Wednesday, March 9

Relief For Hawaii’s Hellish Classrooms

Monday, March 7

Help Save African Elephants By Blocking The Blood Ivory Trade

Wednesday, March 2

Honolulu Requires A Bolder Vision Than Caldwell Offers

Tuesday, March 1

Keep Guns Away From Stalkers and Sexual Predators

February 2016

Friday, February 26

Judicial Elections: A Solution Without A Problem

Wednesday, February 24

Should An Interisland Ferry Sail Again? It’s Worth Studying

Tuesday, February 23

Don’t Let Police Reform Stall Out Again

Thursday, February 18

Caldwell Is Right To Step Into The Police Department’s Mess

Monday, February 15

Guns Owners Need Insurance Just As Much As Car Owners

Friday, February 12

Citizen’s Initiative Bill Deserves Legislature’s Attention

Wednesday, February 10

The Honolulu Police Department Needs A New Leader

Tuesday, February 9

Transparency, Accountability: What Hawaii Voters Want

Monday, February 8

Mandatory HPV Vaccinations Can Help Save Hundreds From Cancer

Wednesday, February 3

Dengue Outbreak, Threat Of Zika Demand State Action Now

Monday, February 1

Ige’s Plan A Welcome Sign Of Growing Momentum To Cool Hawaii Classrooms

January 2016

Wednesday, January 27

UH Regents Should Not Be Exempt From Financial Disclosures

Tuesday, January 26

Sit-Lie Bill Should Find No Home At The Legislature

Monday, January 25

Protect The Public’s Interest When It Comes To Cop Cams

Tuesday, January 19

Hawaii Leaders Must Do More To Prevent Tourist Deaths In 2016

Thursday, January 14

The Need For Police Reform Is Now Beyond A Reasonable Doubt

Wednesday, January 13

Hawaii Lottery? It’s Time To Reconsider The Question

Thursday, January 7

Gun Control: The President Charts A Welcome Path Forward

Monday, January 4

Hawaii Needs Political Heroes To Step Up In 2016

December 2015

Tuesday, December 29

Clearing The Path To Graduation With New Program Makes Sense

Monday, December 28

There’s Still Time — And The Need — To Refine The Medical Marijuana Law

Wednesday, December 23

Four Key Proposals For Police Reform In 2016

Monday, December 21

Teachers Union’s Bold Reform Plan Deserves Our Attention

Monday, December 14

Supreme Court Rulings Leave Hawaiian Concerns In Limbo

Wednesday, December 9

Governor’s Half-Ask Budget Won’t Move The Needle On Hawaii Public Housing

Friday, December 4

Supreme Court Rightly Rejects Hawaii Campaign Law Challenge

Thursday, December 3

City Must Reform How Planning Department Works With Developers

Wednesday, December 2

Arming Terrorists Through Congressional Inaction

November 2015

Friday, November 27

Lucky — And Thankful — We Live Hawaii

Monday, November 23

Monday Memo: Pointless Roadblocks In The Paths Of Innocents

Thursday, November 19

The People Of The Harbor Deserve A Dignified Way Forward

Wednesday, November 18

Crazy? No, Council Members Are Right To Demand Rail Details

Monday, November 16

Monday Memo: Stop Unfair Sale Of Seized Property By Police

Friday, November 13

Are We Willing To Accept A D+ In Public Integrity?

Wednesday, November 11

Hawaii Renters Need A Voice Now

Monday, November 9

Monday Memo: OHA Must Stop Wasting Money On Internal Legal Spats

Friday, November 6

FCC Rightly Limits Prisons’ Costly Game of Telephone

Wednesday, November 4

Proposed Public Records Improvements Are Much Needed In Honolulu

Monday, November 2

Monday Memo: For LGBT Couples, Aloha Paradise Or Harassment Hell?

October 2015

Thursday, October 29

Congress Needs To Stop Passing The Buck On Micronesia

Tuesday, October 27

Hawaii Gov. Ige Right To Declare Emergency On Homelessness

Monday, October 26

Monday Memo: State Needs To Speed Up The Pot Dispensary Process

Thursday, October 22

Like a Good Neighbor, Big Ag Is (Sort of, Maybe) There

Monday, October 19

Monday Memo: City Council Is Honolulu’s Last Hope Against Rail’s Bloating Costs

Friday, October 16

GOP Leaders in Congress Need To Get Their Act Together — Now

Thursday, October 15

Congress Needs to Fix a Medicaid Flaw That Excludes Legal Immigrants

Wednesday, October 14

Honolulu Police Chief Should Step Aside During Twin Investigations

Tuesday, October 6

Public Utility or Power Monopoly? Let’s Hear Both Options

Thursday, October 1

Lawmakers, Please Give the State Land Commission Some Teeth

September 2015

Tuesday, September 29

Honolulu Should Take Advantage of Opportunity for Police Reform

Monday, September 28

Monday Memo: City Should Follow Its Own Rules for Sweeps, Skyscrapers

Thursday, September 24

Fast Action Needed to Let Hawaii Lawyers Advise Medical Marijuana Industry

Wednesday, September 23

Randy Iwase’s Demanding Leadership Just Right for the PUC

Monday, September 21

Monday Memo: Healing Maunalua, #IStandWithAhmed

Friday, September 18

Extend Hawaii Lobbying Laws to the Executive Branch

Wednesday, September 16

Resume Posting Care Home Reports Now, Without Delay

Sunday, September 13

Monday Memo: Hoopili Ethics, Mountain Top Arrests, Bright Revenue Picture

Friday, September 11

Possible Federal Shutdown Needlessly Threatens More Damage to Hawaii

Wednesday, September 9

HECO/NextEra Merger: An Important Decision We Need To Get Right

Tuesday, September 8

Takai Highway Proposal Is Much More Than a Rail Bailout

Friday, September 4

Finally, a Better Approach to Homeless Sweeps in Kakaako

Thursday, September 3

Flood Mitigation Plan for Ala Wai Canal Deserves Attention

August 2015

Monday, August 31

Monday Memo: Brown Water, TMT in Court, ACT Scores Rise

Friday, August 28

Commission Should Revisit Longline, Purse Seine Limits for Bigeye Tuna

Wednesday, August 26

Already a Success, Inmate Furlough Program Should Be Improved

Monday, August 24

Monday Memo: Boylan’s New Gig, Gun Safety and Hope for Our Seals

Thursday, August 20

2016 Legislature Should Support New Mental Health Facilities

Tuesday, August 18

US Recognition of Native Hawaiians: Don’t Waste the Opportunity

Monday, August 17

Monday Memo: Regulating Medi-Pot, Martin’s Potential Run, Iran Deal Politics

Thursday, August 13

We Must Do Better for Our Kupuna in Care Homes

Wednesday, August 12

More Hopeful Signs From the Capitol Regarding Homelessness

Monday, August 10

Monday Memo: #MaunaKea Movement Persistent; So Are Storms

Wednesday, August 5

Governor’s Idea for New Halawa Prison Deserves Exploration

Monday, August 3

Monday Memo: Hilo Hattie and the Homeless; GOP Preps for First Debate

July 2015

Thursday, July 30

The Public Has a Right to Know How Government Decisions Are Made

Wednesday, July 29

Hawaii Governor’s Leadership on Homelessness Is the Right Approach

Monday, July 27

Brower’s Sad Choice, Resurgent Research at UH, Havana’s Big Thaw

Friday, July 24

Hawaii Legislature Should Rethink Regulation for Taxis, Uber and Lyft

Wednesday, July 22

Honolulu Ethics Commission’s Do-Over Is a Chance to Do Right by the Public

Tuesday, July 21

David Ige’s Quiet, Deliberative Leadership Style Is Not Such a Bad Thing

Monday, July 20

Monday Memo: Reuniting Filipinos, Trump’s Fighting Words, a Fallen Cow

Friday, July 17

NOAA, DLNR and the Public Must Work Together to Heal Maunalua Bay

Thursday, July 16

Congress Should Approve Iran Nuclear Deal

Wednesday, July 15

Lawmakers Should Not Have ‘Our Heads in the Sand’

Monday, July 13

Monday Memo: Mauna Kea Rule Change, Duckworth Ascending, Ige’s BOE

Friday, July 10

VA Deserves Credit for Big Changes at Matsunaga

Wednesday, July 8

Hawaii’s Charter Schools Must Adhere to Federal Law on Prayers

Tuesday, July 7

Don’t Let Caldwell Off the Hook When it Comes to Rail Financial Information

Monday, July 6

Monday Memo: Records Released, Trafficking Bill Veto, Love Wins

Thursday, July 2

Brower Tempest Obscures Real Issues in Kakaako

Wednesday, July 1

Prison Agreement Undercuts Hawaii Values on Death Penalty

June 2015

Tuesday, June 30

Honolulu Ethics Commission Needs to Scrap Its New Anti-Media Policy

Wednesday, June 24

The Public Has the Right to Know About Police Misconduct

Monday, June 22

Monday Memo: Sex Ed, Kenoi’s Cronyism, Kippen’s Likely Departure

Friday, June 19

Rail’s Deep Black Hole: Digging Out One Shovelful at a Time

Wednesday, June 17

Hale Mauliola: A First Step Toward Meaningful Action on Homelessness

Monday, June 15

Monday Memo: Kondo Survives, HSTA Elects, Schatz Shines

Friday, June 12

Honolulu Must Quicken the Pace on Affordable Housing

Thursday, June 11

Feds Need to Move Forward With Critical Habitat Plan for the Hawaiian Monk Seal

Wednesday, June 10

Hawaii’s Bold New Approach to Energy Policy

Monday, June 8

An Unprecedented Year for Transgender Americans

Friday, June 5

Leadership Transition Finds East-West Center at a Crossroads

Wednesday, June 3

Goodbye and Good Riddance to the Worst of the Patriot Act

Monday, June 1

Media Ethics: Why is Nestor Garcia Still a TV Reporter?

May 2015

Thursday, May 28

Gov. Ige Does Right by the Mountain

Wednesday, May 27

Hawaii Ethics Commission Should Avoid the Long Arm of Speaker Souki

Tuesday, May 26

Fast Track for TPP Was the Right Move

Friday, May 22

Caldwell Is Right To Veto Any Sit-Lie Expansion

Thursday, May 21

Hawaii’s Latest Sex Trafficking Bill Confuses an Already Complex Issue

Tuesday, May 19

Hawaii Teachers Deserve Better From Their Leadership

Monday, May 18

UH Regents Should Let Tuition Hike Move Forward

Wednesday, May 13

Sign the Tobacco and E-Cigarette Ban

Monday, May 11

Legislature Needs More Time To Deal With Increasingly Packed Agendas

Wednesday, May 6

Honolulu City Council Must Stop the Sit-Lie Expansion

Monday, May 4

Freddie Gray and America’s Police Culture: Time for a National Review

Friday, May 1

Support Plan to Heal Cancer Center, Med School

April 2015

Tuesday, April 28

A Supreme Civil Rights Moment for the High Court

Monday, April 27

Making a Deal on Rail Without All the Answers

Friday, April 24

Hirono Should Continue to Resist Efforts to Weaken FOIA Law

Wednesday, April 22

Grant Obama Fast-Track Authority on Trade Agreement

Tuesday, April 21

Just Say No to Balfour for Water Commission

Monday, April 20

Complete the Prescription for Medical Marijuana

Friday, April 17

Police Accreditation Committee Should Listen to Public’s Comments

Thursday, April 16

Luke’s Bait-and-Switch on Payday Lending Must be Fixed

Wednesday, April 15

Lawmakers Need To Support Connector’s Healthy Comeback

Monday, April 13

A Vital Records Change for the Transgender Community

Thursday, April 9

Charge Card Abuse: Big Island Mayor Resignation Is Appropriate

Wednesday, April 8

DLNR Chair: This Time, Ige Nails It With Suzanne Case

Monday, April 6

David Ige: ‘The Engineer’ Promises To Be a Better Communicator

Thursday, April 2

Anti-Bullying Measure: A Bill Whose Time Has Finally Come

March 2015

Tuesday, March 31

‘Religious Freedom’ Law: The Difference Between Indiana and Hawaii

Monday, March 30

Honolulu Rail: Big Questions Demand a Legislative Special Session

Friday, March 27

Payday Lenders: It’s Time to Rein In Hawaii’s Loan Sharks

Thursday, March 26

Obamacare: 5 Years Later, Federal Health Care Is Succeeding

Wednesday, March 25

Homelessness: Failures Call Our Values Into Question

Monday, March 23

Voting By Mail In Hawaii: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Friday, March 20

For House GOP, 2015 Is Off With a Thud

Thursday, March 19

DLNR Chair: Moving Forward From The Ching Debacle

Wednesday, March 18

Police Reform: High Hopes Dim as Session Unfolds

Monday, March 16

What the Ching Nomination Tells Us About Ige

Friday, March 13

Adult Care Online Reports: Comforting the Afflicted

Wednesday, March 11

Letter to Iran: A Misguided Venture Into Foreign Affairs

Tuesday, March 10

Pesticide Disclosure: The Neighborly Thing to Do

Wednesday, March 4

Tea Party Theatrics and DHS Funding: Different Channel, Same Show

Tuesday, March 3

The Economy and Exports: For Hawaii, It Was a Very Good Year

Monday, March 2

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Needs to Answer Questions About Chief of Staff

February 2015

Tuesday, February 24

Honouliuli National Monument: Important Window to Dark Past

Carleton Ching: It’s Time to Start Over

Friday, February 20

The War on ISIS: Tulsi Gabbard, Semantics and the Real Conflict

Tuesday, February 17

Public Utilities Commission: Don’t Short-Circuit Energy Regulation

Thursday, February 5

Tax Credits and Fairness: Squeezed Hawaii Renters Need Relief

January 2015

Thursday, January 29

Prison Guard Absenteeism: Get Set for More No-Shows on Sunday

Thursday, January 22

The Army in Hawaii: Fight to Save It, Prepare to Lose It

Thursday, January 15

Marijuana Legalization: It’s Time to End Hawaii’s Prohibition

Thursday, January 8

GMO Labeling: Congress Should Settle Issue, Require Transparency

December 2014

Wednesday, December 31

Obama Presidential Library: Homelessness and Hawaii’s Campaign

Monday, December 22

City Response to Police Chief Case Doesn’t Work, on So Many Levels

Thursday, December 18

Honolulu Bike Lane: If You Build It, They Will Come

Tuesday, December 9

Ohana Housing: City’s Plan Will Open Up Needed Affordable Rentals

Friday, December 5

Cop Body Cams: A No-Brainer for Hawaii

November 2014

Wednesday, November 26

Transparency: Time for Our New Gov to Live Up to His Campaign Rhetoric

Thursday, November 20

State IT Woes: Hawaii Needs to Spread a Little Digital Aloha

Monday, November 10

Judicial System: Voters Deserve a Voice in Keeping or Firing Judges

October 2014

Tuesday, October 28

Maui GMO Ballot Question: Vote No on This Flawed Measure

Thursday, October 23

Interisland Transport: Hawaii Should Believe in Ferries

Thursday, October 16

Police Secrecy: What We Don’t Know Is More Disturbing Than What We Do

Thursday, October 9

Preschool Ballot Question: Vote Yes Because Hawaii’s Keiki Need More Options

September 2014

Monday, September 29

Marine Monument: Obama Could Have Done More to Protect the Fish

Tuesday, September 23

Police Accountability: HPD Should Open Up About Its Own Domestic Violence

Thursday, September 18

Homeless Policy: Sand Island Camp Is a Waste of Money

Tuesday, September 9

Criminalizing Homelessness: Reject the Sidewalk Sit-Lie Ban Bills

Thursday, September 4

Election Reform: Hawaii Should Start Mailing It In 

March 2013

Monday, March 4

It’s Time to Stand Up to SHOPO and Open Police Misconduct Records

April 2012

Tuesday, April 24

New Honolulu Rail Chief Talks a Good Game

March 2012

Sunday, March 18

Hawaii Has No More Excuses For Not Improving Accountability

Friday, March 16

Cops, Prostitutes and Pimps: Honolulu Police Owes Public Answers

January 2012

Monday, January 2

Big Money Undermines Legitimacy of Congress

November 2011

Thursday, November 3

Taken for a Ride: Collusion in Hawaii School Bus Contracting?

September 2011

Wednesday, September 7

Did City Mislead Public About Rail’s Impact on Congestion?

April 2011

Friday, April 8

What Abercrombie Didn’t Tell Us About HGEA Deal

February 2011

Friday, February 25

Let’s Address Root Causes of Hawaii’s Financial Woes

Wednesday, February 2

Hawaii Senate Invocation Ban Goes Too Far

December 2010

Thursday, December 9

Internet Press Vulnerable After WikiLeaks

October 2010

Monday, October 25

Separation of Mosque and State

Public Employee Salaries Are Public

June 2010

Wednesday, June 30

Where’s the Beef? No Reason to Oppose Civil Unions