Ethan Porter

Ethan Onipaa Porter is a teacher with bachelor's degree in Hawaiian Studies and political science and a masters degree in education from Michigan State.

March 2018

Friday, March 16

Hawaii Teacher: The Walkout As A Teachable Moment

February 2018

Wednesday, February 14

Hawaii Teacher: Union Might Want To Rethink Its Annual Pep Rally

January 2018

Friday, January 19

Hawaii Teacher: Reminding My Students South Korea Has It Much Worse

November 2017

Tuesday, November 21

Hawaii Teacher: Talking Politics At Campbell High School

October 2017

Thursday, October 12

Hawaii Teacher: Getting Legislators To My Democracy Class Wasn’t Easy

July 2017

Friday, July 14

Hawaii Teacher: Socrates Had It All Wrong On Technology And Education

Tuesday, July 11

Hawaii Teacher: Welcome To The Islands — Now Help Us Improve Our Schools

June 2017

Friday, June 9

Hawaii Teacher: The Reasons My Fellow Instructors Are Saying Goodbye

April 2017

Tuesday, April 25

Hawaii Teacher: New Contract Will Be Well-Received In Classrooms

March 2017

Friday, March 24

Hawaii Teacher: Stalled Contract Talks Are Prompting Whispers Of A Strike

February 2017

Friday, February 10

Hawaii Teacher: We’re Getting What We Asked For From HSTA

December 2016

Thursday, December 15

Hawaii Teacher: Strategic Plan Has Its Moments, But It’s Premature

November 2016

Wednesday, November 16

Hawaii Teacher: Election Shocked Them In The Classroom, Too

October 2016

Monday, October 31

Hawaii Teacher: Why Teachers Won’t Miss Kathryn Matayoshi

Wednesday, October 26

Hawaii Teacher: We Can Fix Schools Without Gazing Beyond The Islands

September 2016

Friday, September 30

Hawaii Teacher: New Moms In Our Schools Deserve Maternity Leave

Thursday, September 8

Hawaii Teacher: My Students Scoff At Promises Of Air Conditioning

August 2016

Wednesday, August 17

Hawaii Teacher: Local Politics Are A Mystery To My Students

July 2016

Friday, July 29

Hawaii Teacher: Technology Provides Plenty Of Teachable Moments

June 2016

Wednesday, June 29

Hawaii Teacher: My Year Of Endless Evaluations

Wednesday, June 15

Hawaii Teacher: Public Schools Are Far Too Afraid Of Failing

May 2016

Tuesday, May 17

Hawaii Teacher: Trump Changes Everything In Social Studies Class

Wednesday, May 4

Hawaii Teacher: Why Most Of Us Ignore Our Union

April 2016

Thursday, April 28

Hawaii Teacher: Promising Future Teachers Are Already In The Islands

Tuesday, April 19

Hawaii Teacher: Windward To Leeward, All In A Day’s Schoolwork