M. Healani Sonoda-Pale

M. Healani Sonoda-Pale is the chair of Ka Lahui Hawaii Political Action Committee.

Hollywood’s King Kamehameha Concoction Flickr: Disney | ABC Television Group

Hollywood’s King Kamehameha Concoction

The planned Dwayne Johnson movie continues a colonial legacy of exploiting and marginalizing Native Hawaiians.
The Hawaiian Nation’s Overthrow 125 Years On Hawaii State Archives

The Hawaiian Nation’s Overthrow 125 Years On

Thousands are expected to march to Iolani Palace Wednesday for the all-day onipaa.

Disney’s Commodification Of Hawaiians Disney

Disney’s Commodification Of Hawaiians

Though a Maui "skin suit" was pulled from Halloween costume shelves, his likeness and magical hook will still make profits for Disney.