Ian Lind

Ian Lind is an award-winning investigative reporter and columnist who has been blogging daily for more than 20 years. He has also worked as a newsletter publisher, public interest advocate and lobbyist for Common Cause in Hawaii, peace educator, and legislative staffer. Lind is a lifelong resident of the islands. Read his blog here. Opinions are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Civil Beat's views.

January 2021

Sunday, January 10

Miske Case Weaves Together Disparate Strands Of Past Crimes

December 2020

Sunday, December 6

The Miske Case: The Feds Scrutinize A Boat Allegedly Used In A Murder

November 2020

Monday, November 30

More Tales Of Crime And Violence As 2 More Caught Up In Miske Murder Case

Sunday, November 22

The Miske Case: An Insider Pleads Guilty And Is Cooperating With The Feds

Tuesday, November 17

Ian Lind: Why Are Prosecutors Still Pursuing Criminal Charges Against The US Surgeon General?

September 2020

Sunday, September 20

Lawsuit: Hu Honua ‘A Fiasco From The Beginning’

August 2020

Sunday, August 16

From Early On, Miske Was On The Path To A Life Of Crime

November 2019

Friday, November 8

Ian Lind: Backers Of $3M Ala Moana Playground Carry Lots Of Clout

April 2018

Monday, April 16

Ian Lind: The Crazy Lease Fight Over Molokai Mule Rides

March 2018

Friday, March 23

Ian Lind: Playing Hardball Paid Off For Hawaii Kai Tree Lights

February 2018

Friday, February 16

Ian Lind: This Ex-Marine’s Wife Has Been ‘SLAPPED’ By The Navy

January 2018

Friday, January 19

Ian Lind: Make Peace, Not War

Wednesday, January 10

Ian Lind: Conspiracy Charges Up The Ante For Kealohas

December 2017

Friday, December 22

Ian Lind: How A Tree Named Bob Became A Blue Beacon Of Christmas

Friday, December 1

Ian Lind: If You Like Your Privacy You’ll Love This Hawaii Court Ruling

November 2017

Monday, November 27

Ian Lind: Why A Tree In Hawaii Kai Is Raising Questions Of Favoritism

Thursday, November 9

Ian Lind: Don’t Ban Campaign Fundraising During Legislative Sessions

Thursday, November 2

Ian Lind: It Turns Out We Owe Chuck Totto A Big Thank-You

October 2017

Wednesday, October 18

Ian Lind: The Empty Patriotism Of Trump’s National Anthem Fury

September 2017

Wednesday, September 27

Ian Lind: Condo War Breaks Out On Maui When Homes Become Hotels

Wednesday, September 20

Ian Lind: It’s Time To End The Secrecy Surrounding Police Officers

Wednesday, September 13

Ian Lind: Going The Distance With A Sick Pet

August 2017

Wednesday, August 30

Ian Lind: No One Has Won The Fight Over Fixing This Waikiki Seawall

Thursday, August 24

Ian Lind: Don’t Be Fooled By ‘Friends Of Rail’

Thursday, August 10

Ian Lind: A Judge’s Findings Leave TMT Opponents Few Options

July 2017

Wednesday, July 26

Ian Lind: Hawaii’s Nuclear Preparedness Is Same Old Fear Mongering

Tuesday, July 18

Ian Lind: Does The Risk Justify The Cost Of Sprinklers In Older High-Rises?

June 2017

Wednesday, June 28

Ian Lind: Lawmakers Got Ethics Awards For Not Breaking The Law

Wednesday, June 14

Ian Lind: An Uneasy Final Goodbye To My Mother And My Sister

Wednesday, June 7

Ian Lind: The Kahala Hotel’s New Shoreline Plan Could Reduce Public Beach Access

May 2017

Thursday, May 11

Ian Lind: Here’s Why Hawaii Judges Are Not ‘War Criminals’

Wednesday, May 3

Ian Lind: Installing A Missile Defense System Is A Bad Idea

Monday, May 1

Ian Lind: Could Leasing Bill Ease Way For Thirty Meter Telescope?

April 2017

Wednesday, April 19

Ian Lind: Union Says Suspensions Shouldn’t Stop Prison Guard Promotions

Wednesday, April 12

Ian Lind: Why Condo Associations Are Sweating After A Judge’s Ruling

March 2017

Wednesday, March 15

Ian Lind: Hawaiian Activist Was Right All Along, Supreme Court Rules

Wednesday, March 8

Ian Lind: There’s No Stopping The Big Money In Honolulu Politics

Thursday, March 2

Ian Lind: Hawaii Moves Too Slow On Asset Forfeiture Reform

February 2017

Wednesday, February 22

Ian Lind: Count On Hawaii To Ignore Logical Prison Report

Thursday, February 16

Ian Lind: Tightening The Rules For Lobbyists

Wednesday, February 1

Ian Lind: Public Interest Measures Surface At Legislature

January 2017

Thursday, January 26

Ian Lind: Hawaii Lawmakers Needlessly Renew Assault On The Judiciary

Thursday, January 19

Ian Lind: HPD Needs To Stop Shooting At Cars

Wednesday, January 11

Ian Lind: Police May Be Blocked From Aerial Surveillance In Hawaii

September 2016

Wednesday, September 21

Ian Lind: How Do We Honor The Animals That Shared Our Lives?

Wednesday, September 14

Ian Lind: The Sound Of Money Talking

Thursday, September 8

Ian Lind: No, These Condos Don’t Mean The End Of Old Kahala

August 2016

Wednesday, August 31

Ian Lind: Wrongful Foreclosure Claims Rock The Condo World

Wednesday, August 24

Ian Lind: Behind The Democrats’ Failed Push To Close The Primary

Wednesday, August 10

Ian Lind: Are OHA Candidates Trask And Akina Teaming Up?

July 2016

Wednesday, July 27

Ian Lind: Ethics Commission Takes A Licking

Wednesday, July 6

Ian Lind: Ominous Court Rulings For The State Ethics Commission

June 2016

Wednesday, June 22

Ian Lind: HPU-Police ‘Conspiracy’ Report Told Less Than Half the Story

Wednesday, June 8

Ian Lind: Looking To Squelch The Voices Of The Neighborhoods

Wednesday, June 1

Ian Lind: Retirees Still Pressing Legal Fight For Better Health Benefits

May 2016

Wednesday, May 25

Ian Lind: Justices Aren’t Buying That Voting Rights Weren’t Violated

Wednesday, May 11

Ian Lind: Legislators, And The Political Process, Deserve More Respect

Wednesday, May 4

Ian Lind: Time For Native Sovereignty Running Out, Abercrombie Says

April 2016

Wednesday, April 27

Ian Lind: Lyft Took Us For Quite A Ride

Wednesday, April 13

Ian Lind: City Charter Change Would Let Lobbyists Give More Gifts

March 2016

Thursday, March 31

Ian Lind: Kenoi Had Good Reason To Think He Could Misuse Funds

Wednesday, March 23

Ian Lind: It’s Time To Quit Playing Politics With Judges

Thursday, March 17

Ian Lind: The Dung Sisters’ Family Feud Gets Out Of Control

Wednesday, March 9

Ian Lind: Lawmakers Return To The Bad Old Days Of Backroom Deals

Wednesday, March 2

Ian Lind: Why Did News Media Ignore Native Hawaiian Convention?

February 2016

Wednesday, February 24

Ian Lind: Why Is This Unpopular Idea Still Alive At The Legislature?

Wednesday, February 17

Ian Lind: Hawaii Fights Against Regulating The Catching Of Reef Fish

Wednesday, February 3

Ian Lind: Falling Short Again On Prisons

January 2016

Wednesday, January 27

Ian Lind: Legislators Propose Gutting State Ethics Law

Wednesday, January 13

Ian Lind: Don’t Be Steered Astray — You Do Need A Driver’s License

Wednesday, January 6

Ian Lind: Ethics Violation By Nonprofit Group Raises Questions

December 2015

Wednesday, December 30

Ian Lind: Kahoolawe 40 Years Later

Wednesday, December 23

Ian Lind: Has UH Adequately Addressed Cancer Center’s Sticky Issues?

Wednesday, December 16

Ian Lind: Is Anyone Paying Attention To the Honolulu Charter Commission?

Wednesday, December 9

Ian Lind: What The Supreme Court’s TMT Decision Didn’t Say

Wednesday, December 2

Ian Lind: Hawaii Gets A Gold Star For Consumer Complaints

November 2015

Wednesday, November 11

Ian Lind: War Crimes on Kauai?

Wednesday, November 4

Ian Lind: Setting A Low Bar For Hawaiian Vote

October 2015

Wednesday, October 28

Ian Lind: Will Ruling In Council Case Derail Honolulu Ethics Enforcement?

Wednesday, October 21

Ian Lind: Is the Hawaiian Election a Public or Private Affair?

Wednesday, October 7

Ian Lind: Native Hawaiian Election Throws Out All the Rules

Thursday, October 1

Ian Lind: How Did the City Get It So Wrong on Waikiki Tower Proposal?

September 2015

Wednesday, September 9

Ian Lind: Lawsuit Exposes Blind Spot in Hawaii Lobbyist Law

Wednesday, September 2

Ian Lind: Dispute Muddies Already Confusing State of Sovereignty Claims

August 2015

Wednesday, August 5

Ian Lind: Ex-Legislator May Make a Good Ethics Commissioner

July 2015

Wednesday, July 29

Ian Lind: Former PUC Chair Speaks Out Against Solar Subsidies

Thursday, July 23

Hawaii’s Student Travel Still Up in the Air as Free Trips Debated

Wednesday, July 22

Ian Lind: The ‘Kingdom Defense’ Is a Dead End for Mauna Kea Protesters

Wednesday, July 15

Ian Lind: Illegal Lobbying Machine Was Hidden in Plain Sight

Wednesday, July 8

Ian Lind: Aging Police Officer Raises Questions About Reserve Program

June 2015

Wednesday, June 24

Ian Lind: Land Dispute Goes Back to Hawaiian Kingdom Days

Wednesday, June 17

Ian Lind: House Speaker Joe Souki’s Financial Reports Are Full of Errors

Wednesday, June 10

Ian Lind: Ethics Director Survives Political Challenge

Wednesday, June 3

Ian Lind: Untangling the Ethics of Educational Travel

May 2015

Wednesday, May 27

Under Fire: Hawaii Ethics Director Defends His Strict Ethical Views

Ian Lind: Dear Joe, If You’re Concerned About Ethics Problems Look in the Mirror

Tuesday, May 12

Shareholder Votes Come Up Short for Hawaiian Electric Merger

Wednesday, May 6

Ian Lind: Still No Love for Public Interest Bills at Hawaii Legislature

April 2015

Wednesday, April 29

Ian Lind: Dangerous Intersection of Social Policy and ‘Sacred’

Wednesday, April 22

Ian Lind: The Legal Challenge to the Thirty Meter Telescope

Wednesday, April 8

Ian Lind: Lobbyist Spending Is Concentrated at the Top

Thursday, April 2

Hawaii Monitor: Order Blocks Enforcement of Ban on Teachers’ Flyers

March 2015

Wednesday, March 25

Hawaii Monitor: Ethics Commission Ruling Draws Teachers’ Union Lawsuit

Wednesday, March 11

Hawaii Monitor: Unexpected Flood of Info Before the Ching Hearing

February 2015

Wednesday, February 25

Hawaii Monitor: Is a Weak Lobbying Law Getting Weaker?

Friday, February 20

No More Free Trips for Hawaii Public School Teachers

Wednesday, February 18

Hawaii Monitor: Shifting Ground in Debate Over Ching Nomination

Wednesday, February 11

Hawaii Monitor: The Case of a Wayward Land Use Lobbyist

Wednesday, February 4

Hawaii Monitor: Ching Nomination Ended Honeymoon

January 2015

Wednesday, January 28

Hawaii Monitor: Wanted — Good Home for Government Watchdog

Wednesday, January 14

Hawaii Monitor: Ex-Chief of Staff Negotiates Revolving Door as Lobbyist

Wednesday, January 7

Hawaii Monitor: Could Airship Ferry Residents Stranded by Lava Flow?

December 2014

Wednesday, December 31

Hawaii Monitor: Mortgage Refinancing Turns into a Banking Nightmare

Wednesday, December 17

Hawaii Monitor: Do Public Agencies Have to Keep Accurate Records?

Wednesday, December 10

Hawaii Monitor: The Problem With Lobbyists — and Their Regulators

Wednesday, December 3

Hawaii Monitor: Haseko Calls Disclosure of PR Plan ‘Embarrassing’

November 2014

Wednesday, November 19

Hawaii Monitor: Let’s Tackle the Public Policies Promoting Obesity

Friday, November 7

Hawaii Monitor: Ballot Issue Grew Out of Abercrombie’s Retreat Into Secrecy

October 2014

Wednesday, October 29

Hawaii Monitor: Constitutional Amendment for Ag Bonds Stirs Up Late Debate

Wednesday, October 22

Hawaii Monitor: We Need More Timely Disclosure of Money in Elections

Wednesday, October 15

Hawaii Monitor: Nonprofit Event Gets Tangled Up With Politics

Wednesday, October 8

Hawaii Monitor: Why Consumers Get Speared by the Fine Print

September 2014

Wednesday, September 24

Hawaii Monitor: Peeking Behind a Developer’s PR Campaign

Wednesday, September 17

Hawaii Monitor: Thinking Clearly About the Islamic State

Wednesday, September 10

Hawaii Monitor: The Hard Choice Between Digital Providers

August 2014

Wednesday, August 27

Hawaii Monitor: Puna Voters Had Practical Problems, Not Legal Defects

Wednesday, August 20

Hawaii Monitor: Mufi’s Lowball Bet Looking Unlikely to Pay Off

Wednesday, August 13

Hawaii Monitor: Perusing the Financial Disclosures of Hawaii Gov Candidates

July 2014

Wednesday, July 30

Hawaii Monitor: Fallen Apple Has Immediate Practical Consequences

Wednesday, July 23

Hawaii Monitor: Why Has Florida Company Picked a Fight Over Aerial Advertising?

Wednesday, July 16

Hawaii Monitor: We’ll Soon Forget the Fuss About Financial Disclosures

Wednesday, July 9

Hawaii Monitor: Did Hawaiian Hearings Set Up a Political Train Wreck?

Wednesday, July 2

Hawaii Monitor: Push for Death Penalty Merited Pushback

June 2014

Wednesday, June 25

Hawaii Monitor: Inside the New World of Negative Political Campaigns

Wednesday, June 18

Hawaii Monitor: Contaminated Dirt Triggers Military Housing Lawsuit

Wednesday, June 11

Hawaii Monitor: Shifting the Sands to Evade Waikiki’s Zoning Limits

May 2014

Wednesday, May 28

Hawaii Monitor: Legislative Silence Shouldn’t Trump Ethics Oversight