John Temple

John Temple is the former editor of Civil Beat.

April 2012

Friday, April 13

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of April 9 – 13

Follow Dalai Lama’s Visit To Honolulu On Civil Beat

Thursday, April 12

From a Few Hands to Many

Tuesday, April 10

Let Us Now Praise a Lone Hawaii Voice Fighting for Open Records

Monday, April 9

What Do Hawaii Lawmakers Have Against Ethics Code?

Saturday, April 7

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of April 2 – 6

March 2012

Saturday, March 31

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of March 26 – 30

Monday, March 19

List – Top 3 Areas Where Hawaii Less Accountable Than Other States

List – The 6 States Less Accountable Than Hawaii

Saturday, March 17

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of March 12 – 16

Friday, March 16

Hawaii Ranks Near Bottom for Enforcement of Transparency Laws

Wednesday, March 14

Civil Beat and the State Accountability Project

Monday, March 12

The Story Behind Our “Cops, Prostitutes and Pimps” Series

Saturday, March 10

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of March 5 – 9

Friday, March 9

New Civil Beat Blogs Offer More Fresh News

Monday, March 5

Merriman Poll Finds Romney In Front In Ohio

Saturday, March 3

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Feb. 27 – March 2

Thursday, March 1

Civil Beat Poll – Cayetano Tops 50% In Honolulu Mayor’s Race

Civil Beat Poll – Honolulu Rail/Mayoral Race Questionnaire

Civil Beat Poll – Rail Top Issue for Honolulu Voters

Civil Beat Poll – Majority of Honolulu Voters Don’t Buy Rail Congestion Argument

Civil Beat Poll – 44% of Honolulu Voters Perceive Bias in Rail Coverage

Civil Beat Poll – Honolulu Rail Authority Hasn’t Won Voters’ Confidence

Civil Beat Poll – Honolulu Voters Oppose Rail Project

February 2012

Monday, February 27

Vitality of Honolulu Tech Visible at Unconferenz

Saturday, February 25

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Feb. 20 – 24

Friday, February 24

Journalism Panel To Feature NPR’s Neal Conan

Thursday, February 23

Carlisle on Rail Examined

Who’s in Charge in Hawaii?

Friday, February 17

A Creeping Attempt To Shut Down Hawaii Court Records

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Feb. 13 – 17

Cayetano Cuts Civil Beat From Campaign Media List

Thursday, February 16

Time to Get Serious About Rail Conversation

Saturday, February 11

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Feb. 6 – 10

Wednesday, February 8

Hawaii Should Publish Government Legal Notices On the Internet

Tuesday, February 7

Leaders or Freeloaders?

Sunday, February 5

Civil Beat Is Back — We Apologize for the Outage

Friday, February 3

Civil Beat Poll — January 2012 Demographics and Questionnaire

January 2012

Saturday, January 28

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Jan. 23 – 27

Friday, January 27

Civil Beat Poll – Hawaii Public Pension Woes Weigh on Voters

Civil Beat Poll – Hawaii Voters Lack Confidence in Department of Education

Civil Beat Poll – Hawaii Voters Don’t Want Gambling, Single Casino

Civil Beat Poll – Lingle Trails Both Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates

Civil Beat Poll – Case, Hirono Neck-and-Neck for U.S. Senate Nomination

Saturday, January 21

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Jan. 16 – 20

Saturday, January 14

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Jan. 9 – 13

Saturday, January 7

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Jan. 2 – 6

Friday, January 6

Civil Beat Influence Poll — Questionnaire, Toplines and Crosstabs

Monday, January 2

Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Voters Support Limiting Political Donations

Civil Beat Poll: Half of Hawaii Voters Say Delegation Works For Donors

Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Voters Say Congress Most Influenced By Wealthy

December 2011

Friday, December 30

Must Read Stories From 2011’s Final Week — And A Few From My Keyboard

2011 Year in Review — Government Transparency

2011 Year in Review — Ethics

Monday, December 26

2011 Year in Review — Civil Beat Tells Hawaii’s Story

Friday, December 23

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Dec. 19 – 23

Friday, December 9

The Media Ownership Dilemma

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Dec. 5-9

Monday, December 5

Forward Thinking From Honolulu Hale

Saturday, December 3

Introducing ‘The Beat’ — A New Everyday Live Blog

Friday, December 2

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Nov. 28 — Dec. 2

November 2011

Monday, November 28

Urban Planning, Architecture Books Atop Hawaii Governor’s Desk

Saturday, November 26

What Convinced Honolulu Rail Officials That Ansaldo Could Do The Job?

Friday, November 25

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Nov. 21-25

Ansaldo CEO Satisfies Honolulu Rail Board

Monday, November 21

Hawaii Needs a ‘Butt Bill’

Saturday, November 19

10 Must Read Stories From The Week of Nov. 14-18

Thursday, November 17

Tired of Economic Woes, Negative News? Share Thanksgiving Stories

Saturday, November 12

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Nov. 7 – 11

APEC 2011 Hawaii — LIVE BLOG ARCHIVE – Nov. 11

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — A Greeting at Sea

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — Dress Well

Friday, November 11

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — Waikiki

Thursday, November 10

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — Liquor

Tuesday, November 8

APEC 2011 Hawaii — LIVE BLOG ARCHIVE – Nov. 7

Monday, November 7

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — Hogs for Iron

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — Birds Scarce, Forests Dense

APEC 2011 Hawaii — Historical Tidbits — Ice From Boston

Friday, November 4

What You Can Expect From Civil Beat During APEC

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Oct. 31 – Nov. 4

Wednesday, November 2

Hawaii Superintendent’s Lesson — Keep Your Head in the Sand

October 2011

Saturday, October 29

The Civil Beat Poll: Questionnaire and Toplines — October 2011

Friday, October 28

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Oct. 17 – 21

Tuesday, October 25

What It Took to Report ‘Taken for a Ride’

The Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Sweet On Obama, Sour on Congress

The Civil Beat Poll: Carlisle Leaves ‘Em Wondering

The Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Supports APEC

The Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Says Abercrombie Doing Worse Than Expected

Saturday, October 22

Ansaldo, State Reach Deal On Licensing Violation

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Oct. 17-21

Saturday, October 15

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Oct. 10-14

Welcome to Civil Beat’s Change Begins With a Question™ Forum

Thursday, October 13

Hawaii Filmmakers Share Their Experience

Civil Beat Corrects Articles on Rail Land Ownership

Hawaii International Film Festival – Paradise Broken

Saturday, October 8

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Oct. 3 — 7

Saturday, October 1

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Sept. 26-30

September 2011

Saturday, September 24

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Sept. 19-23

Friday, September 23

Scorecard on Honolulu Rail Opponents’ Claims

Monday, September 19

Civil Beat To Publish ‘Hawaii State Salaries 2012’

Saturday, September 17

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Sept. 12-16

Sunday, September 11

Hawaii Remembers 9/11

Saturday, September 10

How Hawaii Federal Court Should Handle Requests to Live Blog From Trial

Friday, September 9

Something is Missing — A Small Lesson from 9/11

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Sept. 5-9

Thursday, September 8

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Editor Joins Civil Beat

Tuesday, September 6

Controversy Over Request to Live Blog from Hawaii Federal Court Trial

Saturday, September 3

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Aug. 29 – Sept. 2

August 2011

Wednesday, August 31

Eat Local Redux – Follow Civil Beat’s Week-long Experiment in Eating Local

Monday, August 29

VIDEO – Press Conference — Growing Up in the Shadow of 9-11

Saturday, August 27

The Way Journalism Works in Hawaii — Or Doesn’t

Friday, August 26

Coverage Expands With an Eye Toward Asia

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Aug. 22-26

Tuesday, August 23

Hawaii Public Has Right to Record Police

Saturday, August 20

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Aug. 15-19

Friday, August 12

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of Aug. 8-12

Saturday, August 6

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of August 1 — 5

Honolulu Police Declines to Name Promoted Officers — Then Names Them

Monday, August 1

The Star-Advertiser’s Feeble Circulation Boast

July 2011

Saturday, July 30

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of July 25-29

Tuesday, July 26

Star-Advertiser Wants Oahu Residents to Pay More than Mainlanders

Monday, July 25

Cooking the Truth at the Hawaii Office of Information Practices

Saturday, July 23

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of July 18-22

Wednesday, July 20

‘The Raw Truth’ — OIP Responds to Civil Beat

Sunday, July 17

Welcome to DC808 – Civil Beat’s New Blog from Washington, D.C.

Friday, July 15

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of July 11-15

Wednesday, July 13

Civil Beat Welcomes Sophie Cocke

Tuesday, July 12

One Bowl, Two Spoons, Two Forks and a Knife

Saturday, July 9

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of July 4-8

Thursday, July 7

Hawaii Legislature Needs to Give Records Office a Backbone

Hawaii Open Records Agency Lets Public Down

Saturday, July 2

A Fourth of July Quiz — and Opinions

I Was Wrong In Article About Lawmaker Pensions

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of June 27 — July 1

June 2011

Saturday, June 25

Maui Cops Come to Their Senses — Drop Subpoena

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of June 20-24

Sunday, June 19

Civil Beat to Open Bureau in Washington, D.C.

Saturday, June 18

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of June 13-17

Thursday, June 16

DISCUSSION: Race and Ethnicity in Hawaii

Monday, June 13

If the Declaration of Independence Were Written Today…

Saturday, June 11

One-Newspaper Town: ‘Continued Growth’? Really?

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of June 6-10

Saturday, June 4

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of May 30-June 3

Thursday, June 2

Hawaii Senate Keeps Public in Dark

Wednesday, June 1

Maui Cops Cast Chill Wind

The Editorial Judgment Behind Fact Checks

May 2011

Monday, May 30

The Heart of Honolulu

Saturday, May 28

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of May 23-27

Saturday, May 14

Temple’s Take: Lawmakers Should Have Taken Own Pension Medicine

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of May 9-13

Thursday, May 12

Temple’s Take: Them’s Fighting Words

Saturday, May 7

10 Must Read Stories From The Week Of May 2-6

Temple’s Take: Looking to The Future

Friday, May 6

Newsmaker: Talk Live With Honolulu Managing Director Doug Chin

Thursday, May 5

Civil Beat Poll: Bin Laden’s Death Doesn’t Lift Obama’s Hawaii Approval Rating

Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii Gives Obama Most Credit for Killing of Bin Laden

Wednesday, May 4

On Civil Beat’s Birthday, The Gifts Are For You

Civil Beat’s Year In Review

April 2011

Friday, April 29

Week 52: Time to Start Counting in Years

Wednesday, April 27

We Like Birthdays!

Saturday, April 23

Week 51: An Open Letter to You

Wednesday, April 20

An Open Letter to Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle

Saturday, April 16

Week 50: News You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Friday, April 8

Week 49: Hawaii Governor Holds Fake Press Conference

HGEA Deal = Less Pay For Less Work

Sunday, April 3

Pension Execs, Lawmaker Offer Steps to Fix Hawaii Public Pension System

Saturday, April 2

Week 48: What’s Going on at Honolulu Hale?

March 2011

Friday, March 25

Week 47: Too Many Questions?

Tuesday, March 22

Getting Discussion of Hawaii Public Pension System Back on Track

Saturday, March 19

Week 46: Sticking with the Hawaii Tsunami and Japan Radiation Stories

Friday, March 18

HPD Officer Salaries: A Tale of Confusion and Contradiction

Monday, March 14

Discussion: Hawaii Tsunami

In One-Newspaper Town, Star-Advertiser Confuses Advertising and News

Hawaii Legislature Invents New ‘Duty’ For Publishers

Saturday, March 12

Week 45: The Tsunami

February 2011

Monday, February 28

Abercrombie Fact Check Corrected, Grade Changed

Thursday, February 24

Looking for Inspiration? Check out Hiki No

Monday, February 21

Knowing the Past, Shaping the Future

Saturday, February 19

Week 42: Keeping the Beat

Friday, February 18

Good News: It’s Safe to Tweet In Hawaii

Monday, February 14

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Straight Talk From Hawaii Union Rep to His Members

Saturday, February 12

Throwing Cold Water on Rhetoric

Friday, February 11

Week 41: Joining ‘The Conversation’

Thursday, February 10

Tweet in Hawaii and Be Sued

Tuesday, February 8

When Should Names of Police Officers Be Public?

Monday, February 7

Beware Good Intentions

Mayor Wright Hot-Water Woes Encourage Cynicism About Government

Friday, February 4

Week 40: It’s All About Serving You

January 2011

Saturday, January 29

Why Hawaii Legislature Should Renew Shield Law

Friday, January 28

Week 39: The Governor Shows His Hand

Thursday, January 27

Masters of Secrecy

Actuary Examines Hawaii Employees’ Retirement System

Friday, January 21

Week 38: The Legislature, Ethics and Transparency

Monday, January 17

What Martin Luther King Jr. Means in Hawaii

Wednesday, January 12

Government Agencies — Other Than Honolulu Police — Share Salaries

Honolulu Police Union Wants Entire Force to Be Secret

Friday, January 7

Week 36: Civil Beat’s Brand of Journalism Now Free for Occasional Readers

December 2010

Thursday, December 30

An Electoral Victor With Support of 4.3 Percent of Registered Voters

Wednesday, December 29

The Year in Review — 2010 Recycled

Friday, December 24

Week 34: Civil Beat’s 12 Days of Christmas

Friday, December 17

Week 33: The Facts About Rail Costs and Extraordinary Overtime

Friday, December 10

Week 32:Taking you There, Making it Real

Tuesday, December 7

Hawaii Courts Respond to Civil Beat and Suspend Search Fee for Records

November 2010

Saturday, November 27

Week 30: A Glimpse Into How Honolulu Enforces Prostitution Laws

Monday, November 22

It’s Official: Hawaii Stands Alone on Charging For Review of Court Records

Saturday, November 20

Week 29: Three Deputies Give New Meaning to the Term Shield Law

Monday, November 15

Share Your Own Stories of Aloha for Thanksgiving

Civil Beat Welcomes Nanea Kalani and Robert Brown

Saturday, November 13

Week 28: What Are Journalists for, Anyway?

Saturday, November 6

Week 27: Observations About Governor’s Race and Civil Beat Polls

Wednesday, November 3

Hawaii Election Observations

Monday, November 1

Sleaziest Ad Yet?

Live Blog: 2010 Hawaii General Election

Civil Beat Gives Candidates/Campaigns The Last Word

October 2010

Saturday, October 30

Week 26: Looking Ahead to Election

Thursday, October 28

Civil Beat Poll Toplines and Crosstabs

Civil Beat Poll Questionnaire

What’s at Stake on Nov. 2

Wednesday, October 27

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Lining Up Behind Appointed Ed Board

Civil Beat Poll: Hanabusa Has Edge in 1st Congressional District

Tuesday, October 26

Civil Beat Poll: Abercrombie Holding His Lead in Governor’s Race

What’s at Stake in Questions About Aiona’s Religious Activity

Monday, October 25

Religion and Government

Sunday, October 24

Djou and Hanabusa on Federal Laws that Need to be Changed

Saturday, October 23

Join Us to Talk Energy and Water

Friday, October 22

Week 25: Inside Stories

Wednesday, October 20

Rubber Stamp vs. Dr. No

Monday, October 18

The Blue Aiona and The Red Abercrombie

What Would You Ask Djou and Hanabusa?

Civil Beat Poll Results

Civil Beat Poll Questionnaire

Friday, October 15

Week 24: Rail, Politics and a New Mayor

Thursday, October 14

The Rail Divide — The Five Best Reasons to Support or Oppose the Honolulu Rail Project

Civil Beat Poll: Hawaii’s Religious Divide

Civil Beat Poll: Majority of Voters Back Appointed Board of Education

Civil Beat Poll: Hanabusa on Top in 1st Congressional District

Wednesday, October 13

Civil Beat Poll: Abercrombie Holds Slight Edge in Hawaii Governor’s Race

Thursday, October 7

HPD: Law Doesn’t Apply to Us

Monday, October 4

The Rail Divide: Overview

Friday, October 1

Week 22: We Mark Six Months Since Editorial Team Came Together

September 2010

Friday, September 24

Week 21: An Election to Remember

Thursday, September 23

Next Beatup is Thursday Night

Wednesday, September 22

Congressional Candidates Answer Civil Beat Questions

Monday, September 20

Analysis: Negative Hannemann Ads Hurt Caldwell’s Mayoral Bid

SLIDE SHOW The Final Day: Smiles Rain Down on Neil Abercrombie

SLIDE SHOW The Final Day: No Gold at End of Rainbow for Mufi Hannemann

Sunday, September 19

Civil Beat Poll Had it Right — Again

Friday, September 17

Live Blog: 2010 Primary Election

Week 20: We Take Civil Beat Discussions to The Radio

Civil Beat Gives Leading Governor and Mayoral Candidates ‘The Last Word’

Thursday, September 16

Follow the Election on Civil Beat

The Sept. 18 Election – What’s at Stake

Take the Civil Beat Primary Poll

Sunday, September 12

Civil Beat Poll: Voters Don’t Want Lawmakers to Bring Back Civil Unions Bill

Saturday, September 11

Civil Beat Poll Tables and Questionnaire Released

Civil Beat Poll: Carlisle Has Edge in Mayoral Race

Friday, September 10

Civil Beat Poll Reveals Hannemann’s Problems, Abercrombie’s Strength

Civil Beat Poll: Abercrombie on Top, Hannemann in Trouble

Week 19: Up Close and Personal

Thursday, September 9

A Welcome Addition to Conversation About Leadership

Wednesday, September 8

Civil Beat in the Field With a Poll

Monday, September 6

Welcome Adrienne LaFrance

Friday, September 3

Week 18: Enjoying the Fruits of Our Labor

August 2010

Tuesday, August 31

Audience Disrupts TV Debate

The Gov Debate Before It Happens

Monday, August 30

Ian Lind Explains Value of Civil Beat’s Salary Coverage in Op-Ed on Hawaii Public Radio

Coming This Week: University of Hawaii Salaries

Friday, August 27

Week 17: Heard About the Election?

Thursday, August 26

10 Questions for the Governor Candidates

Wednesday, August 25

Carlisle: Commute From Kapolei Takes Three Hours

Saturday, August 21

Week 16: All Is Quiet at Civil Beat — Not

Thursday, August 19

Caldwell: Hawaii Constitution Bans Nuclear Power

Kaneshiro: I Will Use Nuisance Abatement and Asset Forfeiture Laws to Fight Drugs

Ching: Community Search Warrants Best Option in Fight Against Drugs

Wednesday, August 18

What Hannemann’s Flier Tells Us About Him — and Us

Tuesday, August 17

Discussion: Hawaii Public Employee Salaries

Civil Beat Shares Hawaii State Employee Salaries

Monday, August 16

Civil Beat Editorials Will Take Positions on Issues, But We Won’t Be Endorsing Candidates

Coming Wednesday: Salaries of State Employees

Beatup Thursday on Judicial Nominations

Friday, August 13

Comments You Don’t Want to Miss: Aug. 14

Week 15: A Place to Learn

Did Aiona Build the Hawaii Drug Court

Thursday, August 12

Share Your Expertise on Fact Checks

Wednesday, August 11

Prevedouros: Trash Solution is Simple – Send it Back to Mainland in Empty Shipping Containers

Caldwell: Property Taxes and Fees Are Tapped Out

Monday, August 9

Carlisle: When I Came In, Crime Was Intolerable

Carlisle: Honolulu is Safest Big City in U.S.

The Civil Beat Imaginarium

Friday, August 6

Comments You Don’t Want to Miss: Aug. 7

Week 14: Picking Up the Beat

Thursday, August 5

Hannemann: Labor King?

Wednesday, August 4

What the Campaign Finance Reports Tell Us

Hannemann on Endorsements by Business Groups

Monday, August 2

Discussion: Honolulu City Prosecutor Election 2010

Hannemann: I take ‘600,000 tons of stuff’ and power 40,000 homes with it

July 2010

Friday, July 30

Comments You Don’t Want to Miss — July 31

Week 13: Civil Beat Launches Election ‘Fact Check’

Djou and Caldwell Latest To Undergo Fact Checks

Caldwell: City Government Smaller Under His Leadership

Thursday, July 29

Meet ‘Value of Hawaii’ Editors at Civil Beat

Wednesday, July 28

Fact Check: The Truth About Election Claims

Saturday, July 24

Comments You Don’t Want to Miss – July 26

Week 12: Life at Civil Beat Gets Even More Interesting

Thursday, July 22

Explore “The Value of Hawaii” in Civil Beat Series

Monday, July 19

Topic Pages On Big Wind, Energy, Climate Change

Discussion: The Value of Hawaii

No, Mufi, That Wasn’t “A Right Thing To Say”

Saturday, July 17

Comments You Don’t Want to Miss – July 17

Friday, July 16

Week 11: Serious Financial Reporting Challenging

Wednesday, July 14

Honolulu Rail — The View From a Contractor

Rail Debate is On — Now it’s Your Turn

Saturday, July 10

“Rail Is So Ridiculous”

Comments You Don’t Want To Miss – July 10

Friday, July 9

Week 10: The News Never Stops

On The Hook – Part 1

Thursday, July 8

One Word Missing from Lingle’s Veto Message

Saturday, July 3

Week 9: Two Months Feels Like a Year

Civil Unions Article Raises Question About Reporting

Friday, July 2

The Meaning of Independence

Marking Holiday with Essays on Independence

Thursday, July 1

Discussion: Independence Day Essays

Civil Beat Publishes Corrections Policy

June 2010

Wednesday, June 30

Harsh? Who Me? Holding Mirror to Star-Advertiser

The Story of Electric Cars in Hawaii

Sunday, June 27

Numbers Don’t Add Up at New Star-Advertiser

Saturday, June 26

Inaccurate “Correction” by Star-Advertiser

Friday, June 25

Week 8: So Much I Don’t Want You to Miss

Thursday, June 24

What it Means to be a One-Newspaper Town

Read About Civil Beat’s Policy on Anonymous Sources

Wednesday, June 23

Visiting the Honolulu Police Fortress

Monday, June 21

Discussion: Live Aloha

Reflections on Live Aloha Day 2010

New Topic Page Explains Akaka Bill

Saturday, June 19

Comments You Don’t Want To Miss – June 26

Friday, June 18

Week 7: Human Trafficking, Rail and Teacher Pay

Why Is Performance Pay For Teachers Not On Table?

Wednesday, June 16

Why Is Hawaii Soft On Human Trafficking?

Tuesday, June 15

Discussion: Independence Day Essays

Call For Independence Day Essays

Monday, June 14

The Weekend Editions Of The New Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Saturday, June 12

Week 6: Learning From Our Experiences

Friday, June 11

Why Would Business Roundtable Weigh In On Civil Unions Privately?

Days 4-5 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Thursday, June 10

UPDATE: Aiona Does The Right Thing

Day 3 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Tuesday, June 8

Day 2 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Day 1 Of The New Star-Advertiser

Discussion: Open Records

Sunday, June 6

Discussion: One-newspaper town

Reflections On The Death Of The Honolulu Advertiser

Saturday, June 5

Week 5: We Mark Our First Month With Special Report

Discussion: Week In Review

Friday, June 4

Comments You Don’t Want To Miss – June 5

Wednesday, June 2

Lawmakers do the strangest things: Part I

May 2010

Monday, May 31

Case Withdraws: Money Makes The World Go Round

Saturday, May 29

Week 4: Serious News For A Serious Time

Thursday, May 27

Exploring New Member Benefit — Must-Read Comments

Comments You Don’t Want To Miss — Tale Of Two Schools

Wednesday, May 26

Back-patting Leaders Miss The Point

News At Civil Beat

Tuesday, May 25

Look to Hawaii Tourism page for story behind story

Monday, May 24

Analysis: Civil Beat Poll Points To Dems’ November Dilemma

Saturday, May 22

Week 3: We advance our approach to reporting

First Beatup At Civil Beat

Wednesday, May 19

“This is not Mufi’s train.”

New topic pages on Tourism, Historic Preservation, Sierra Club

Saturday, May 15

Week 2: We expand the range of Civil Beat’s offerings

Friday, May 14

Imagine There Were No Furlough Fridays

Thursday, May 13

Discussion: Honolulu Rail

Tuesday, May 11

Civil Beat Poll: Obama Still Riding Wave In Hawaii

National Democrats Pull Out Of Hawaii After Civil Beat Poll

Monday, May 10

Civil Beat Poll: Slim Majority Supports Honolulu Rail Project

Civil Beat Poll: Djou On Way To May 22 Victory

Saturday, May 8

The week that was at Civil Beat

Friday, May 7

Message to Kids: Don’t do what we do. Or what we say.

Tuesday, May 4

Discussion: Civil Beat

Monday, May 3

Bringing Understanding to the Civil Unions Issue

April 2010

Saturday, April 24

For the Homeless in Parks: No Tents, No Shopping Carts, No Arrests

Friday, April 23

Instead of tents, we now have huddled masses under tarps in Ala Moana Beach Park

Wednesday, April 21

A New Approach to Journalism

Tuesday, April 20

Coming soon: May 4 launch