Katherine Poythress

Katherine Poythress is a former Civil Beat staff member.

March 2012

Friday, March 9

Taken for a Ride: Hawaii Lawmakers Still Plan To Cut School Bus Funding

Hawaii State Salaries 2012: Pay Per Pupil By Complex Area

Thursday, March 8

Hawaii State Salaries 2012: Department of Education

Wednesday, March 7

Hawaii Ed Department Prepares for Federal Race to the Top Visit

Saturday, March 3

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Mar. 5-11

Taken for a Ride: State Learns A Lesson About Running School Buses

Friday, March 2

Taken for a Ride: State Launches Audit of Student Transportation Program

Learning Time in Hawaii: Quality Over Quantity

Thursday, March 1

Hawaii Grad Students Fight for Collective Bargaining Rights

February 2012

Tuesday, February 28

Bell Schedules Resonate With Hawaii Lawmakers

Saturday, February 25

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Feb. 27-Mar. 4

Thursday, February 23

Hawaii’s Perfect Storm of Charter School Controversies

Wednesday, February 22

Board of Ed: New Policies for Teacher Evaluations

Monday, February 20

In Hawaii, Teacher Evaluations Will Happen By Any Means Necessary

Sunday, February 19

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Feb. 20-26

Wednesday, February 15

National Experts: Charter School Employees Should Not Be State Employees

Tuesday, February 14

Sex Assault Case Raises Questions About DOE’s Protection of Students

Monday, February 13

Lingle: Ed Board Promised No Furloughs on School Days

Saturday, February 11

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Feb. 13-19

Hawaii Teachers Union To Return To Negotiations

Thursday, February 9

Hawaiian Language Students Getting Lost In Translation, Advocates Say

Wednesday, February 8

Ed Board Chair Defends Progress, Says Public Can Give Grade Next Month

Monday, February 6

Taken for a Ride: 17,000 Students Could Be Without School Buses Next Year

Sunday, February 5

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Feb. 6-12

Friday, February 3

Hawaii Lawmakers Skeptical of Education Department Promises

Hawaii Lawmakers Push to Reform Gov Regent Picks

Wednesday, February 1

Labor Board Expedites Teachers Union Case

January 2012

Tuesday, January 31

Loophole for Collective Bargaining in Hawaii?

Saturday, January 28

Taken For a Ride: Lawmakers Disturbed By Lack Of Answers

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Thursday, January 26

Hawaii School System Like an Old House, Superintendent Says

Monday, January 23

Abercrombie: ‘Not A Single Thing We Did Not Do To Try To Accommodate Teachers’

Hawaii Gov Plans To Forge Ahead With ‘Race’ Goals

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Jan. 23-29

Saturday, January 21

Hawaii Gov Asks Teachers For Counter-Offer

Friday, January 20

LIVE STREAM — Abercrombie Press Conference on Rejected Contract

Hawaii Teachers Reject New Contract With State

Thursday, January 19

What Hawaii Teachers Are Saying About Agreement

Was Rejected Contract’s Performance Pay Really Performance Pay?

Wednesday, January 18

PHOTOS — 2012 Hawaii Legislature Opening Day

HSTA Agrees To Withdraw Labor Board Complaint If Members Ratify Contract

What To Do With Extra Money For Charter Schools

Tuesday, January 17

UH Seeks Another $15 Million From Legislature

Saturday, January 14

HSTA Contract Details

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Jan. 16-22

Friday, January 13

Hawaii Education System Could See Significant Changes in 2012

Teacher Agreement Better Than ‘Last, Best and Final’? Too Soon To Say

Thursday, January 12

Hawaii Teacher Contract Includes ‘Race’ Reforms

Experts Give Kudos To Proposed Charter School System Overhaul

Wednesday, January 11

Deputy Superintendent: Large District Slows Race to the Top Progress

Tuesday, January 10

HSTA Hearing Cancelled

Saturday, January 7

Hawaii Teachers And State Reach Agreement

Hawaii Education Blog — Accountability and Achievement — Jan. 9-15

Abercrombie On Race To The Top: Teachers Union Deserves Blame

Thursday, January 5

Taken For a Ride: Senate Education Chair Blasts School Bus Report

Wednesday, January 4

Taken For A Ride: Stopping Oahu School Bus Service Will Save Millions

Failure to Renegotiate Teachers Contract Delays Race to the Top