Neal Milner

Neal Milner is a former political science professor at the University of Hawaii where he taught for 40 years. He is a political analyst for KITV and is a regular contributor to Hawaii Public Radio's "The Conversation." His most recent book is The Gift of Underpants. Opinions are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Civil Beat's views.

September 2021

Thursday, September 16

Neal Milner: When Aloha Becomes A Cudgel

Thursday, September 9

Neal Milner: How To Make Democracy Work The Way It’s Supposed To

Thursday, September 2

Neal Milner: To See What’s Wrong With Our Politics, Consider Professional Wrestling

August 2021

Thursday, August 19

Neal Milner: Tourism Ain’t Going Away Anytime Soon, So Deal With It

Thursday, August 12

Neal Milner: The Appeal Of Sticking With An ‘Acting’ Official

Thursday, August 5

Neal Milner: The Art Of Long-Distance COVID Grandparenting

July 2021

Thursday, July 29

Neal Milner: Learning To Live With Vaccine Hesitancy

Thursday, July 22

Neal Milner: Ride With The Police And Discover How Much They’re Like Us

Thursday, July 15

Neal Milner: All Sides In Auditor Dispute Need To Start Acting Like Grown-Ups

Thursday, July 8

Neal Milner: UH Football Is Stuck Between Big Time And Small Time

Thursday, July 1

Neal Milner: Why The Latest Alzheimer’s ‘Breakthrough’ May Offer False Hope

June 2021

Thursday, June 3

Neal Milner: Eighty, Schmeighty. Spare Me The Story Of Your Perfect Life

May 2021

Thursday, May 20

Neal Milner: In Preparing For A Pandemic, The US Was A Failed State

Thursday, May 13

Neal Milner: Our Moral Compass Is Lost In The Political Wilderness

April 2021

Thursday, April 29

Neal Milner: Looking For A Model Of Accountability? Try The Honolulu Police Commission

Thursday, April 15

Neal Milner: The Peril Of Loving Hawaii Is Accepting Its Flaws

Thursday, April 1

Neal Milner: A Post-Pandemic UH Football Stadium Means Tamping Down Aspirations

March 2021

Thursday, March 18

Neal Milner: Assisted Suicides, Like The Pandemic, Expose The Unfairness Of Our Health Care System

Thursday, March 4

Neal Milner: State’s Biggest Projects Put ‘Hawaii Political Time’ On Display

February 2021

Thursday, February 25

Neal Milner: Think Capitol Rioters Were On The Fringe? Think Again

Thursday, February 11

Neal Milner: Elderly Hit Hard By Pandemic Aren’t Just Vulnerable Victims

Thursday, February 4

Neal Milner: Time Is On The Side Of Those Who Can Afford To Wait — Even Trump

January 2021

Thursday, January 21

Neal Milner: Resist The Temptation To Write Off Your Political Opposites

Thursday, January 14

Neal Milner: Protecting White Identity Is Not Going Away Anytime Soon

Thursday, January 7

Neal Milner: It Won’t Be Easy, But Americans Can Learn To Get Along Again

December 2020

Thursday, December 24

Neal Milner: Biden’s Job Will Be To Chip Away At Sectarian Hatred

Thursday, December 10

Neal Milner: The Democrats’ Elitism Is Getting Them In Trouble

Thursday, December 3

Neal Milner: The Pandemic Holidays

November 2020

Wednesday, November 25

Neal Milner: Missing Someplace Besides Hawaii This Pandemic Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 19

Neal Milner: Don’t Let Political Polls Drive You Crazy

Thursday, November 12

Neal Milner: So Your Mother’s A Racist. Time To Get Over It

October 2020

Thursday, October 29

Neal Milner: My Predictions For The Election And Life Beyond Nov. 3

Thursday, October 22

Neal Milner: TV Networks Are Going To Need A New Election Night Game Plan This Year

Friday, October 9

Neal Milner: Here’s Why You Should Consider Leaving Hawaii

Thursday, October 1

Neal Milner: Optimism Is What America Needs Right Now

September 2020

Thursday, September 24

What Does Hawaii’s Primary Turnout Mean For Future Elections?

Thursday, September 17

Neal Milner: Pacific Islanders Are Mentors Not Victims

Thursday, September 10

Neal Milner: The Pandemic Is Teaching Us A Lesson About Trust That We Shouldn’t Ignore

Thursday, September 3

Neal Milner: Lawmakers Are Calling Out The State’s Toxic Culture. But Will Anything Change?

August 2020

Thursday, August 20

Neal Milner: The Legislature’s Virus Committee Needs To Raise A Stink

Tuesday, August 18

Neal Milner: We’re All To Blame For Trusting The Department Of Health

Thursday, August 6

Neal Milner: How A Pony Guy (Or A Bat Or A Seal) Could Help Gov. Ige

July 2020

Thursday, July 23

Neal Milner: COVID-19 Is Making Me Rethink My Past And My Future

Thursday, July 9

Neal Milner: This Presidential Election Is Going To Come Down To White Politics

June 2020

Thursday, June 25

Neal Milner: 4 Ways This Honolulu Mayor’s Race Is Like None Before It

Thursday, June 18

Neal Milner: Hawaii Has Lost Its Emotional Connection To Voting

Thursday, June 11

Neal Milner: Global Protests Are Just One Step Toward Ending Racism

May 2020

Thursday, May 28

Neal Milner: We’ll Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

Thursday, May 14

Neal Milner: Public Disdain For Ige Goes Far Deeper Than His Pandemic Job

April 2020

Thursday, April 30

Neal Milner: Yiddish ‘Fiddler’ Is A Balm For Our Troubled Times

Thursday, April 23

Neal Milner: Even COVID-19 Is Unlikely To Sever Trump’s Bond With Voters

Thursday, April 9

Neal Milner: Overcoming The Walking Blues

March 2020

Thursday, March 26

Neal Milner: The Dual Dangers Of Intimacy And Isolation In A Pandemic

Thursday, March 19

Neal Milner: Tulsi Gabbard Has Become Irrelevant To Hawaii

Thursday, March 12

Neal Milner: Young People’s Bernie Love Doesn’t Translate Into Votes

February 2020

Thursday, February 27

Neal Milner: How ‘Offloading’ Landed Ige, Caldwell In The Political Dumps

Thursday, February 20

Neal Milner: I’m Happy Being An Outsider In Hawaii

January 2020

Thursday, January 30

Neal Milner: Beware The ‘Magic’ Of Public-Private Partnerships For Honolulu Rail

Thursday, January 23

Neal Milner: White Political Identity Is An Emerging And Dangerous Force

Thursday, January 16

Neal Milner: Why Oscar Mayer Won’t Let Me Drive Its Wienermobile

Thursday, January 9

Neal Milner: Hawaii Needs To Rough Up Its Brain-Dead Politics

Thursday, January 2

Neal Milner: Life Lessons From A New York City Coffee Shop

December 2019

Thursday, December 19

Neal Milner: All I Want For Hanukkah

Thursday, December 5

Neal Milner: We Need Mister Rogers In Today’s Political House Of Mirrors

November 2019

Thursday, November 21

Neal Milner: Don’t Depersonalize The TMT Protests

Thursday, November 7

Neal Milner: Democrats Are Right — ‘God Talk’ Will Polarize Voters

October 2019

Thursday, October 24

Neal Milner: We’re On The Road To National Dysfunction

September 2019

Thursday, September 26

Neal Milner: ‘Conventional Politics’ Offers No Solution On Mauna Kea

Thursday, September 12

Neal Milner: My Big Fat Jewish Wedding

August 2019

Thursday, August 29

Neal Milner: The Mysterious Ways Neighborhoods Shape Our Lives

Monday, August 12

Neal Milner: How State Leaders Hung TMT Supporters Out To Dry

Monday, August 5

Neal Milner: The Doomsday Scenario On Mauna Kea Won’t Ever Happen

July 2019

Thursday, July 25

Neal Milner: Why Some Of Hawaii’s Leaders Are Out-Of-This-World Stupid

Thursday, July 11

Neal Milner: Reach An Accord In The TMT Dispute? Forget About It

June 2019

Friday, June 28

Neal Milner: What Would Happen If The Homeless Showed Up In Hawaii Kai?

Thursday, June 13

Neal Milner: Hawaii’s Scholars Ought To Be Making Sense Of Its Politics

May 2019

Thursday, May 30

Neal Milner: Why Is Every Legislative Session Shrouded In Political Mystery?

Thursday, May 16

Neal Milner: Confessions Of A Long-Distance Grandparent

Thursday, May 2

Neal Milner: We Are Caught In The Crossfire Surrounding The Mueller Report

April 2019

Thursday, April 11

Neal Milner: All This Partisan Bickering May Get Bloody

March 2019

Wednesday, March 27

Neal Milner: Time To Get Real About Why Young People Leave Hawaii

Thursday, March 14

Neal Milner: This Business Genius Will Bomb As A Presidential Contender

February 2019

Thursday, February 28

Neal Milner: HART’s ‘Bump In The Road’ Is Code For ‘We’re In Deep S#%* Here’

Thursday, February 21

Neal Milner: Living In Hawaii Drives Me Nuts But You Can’t Beat The Neighbors

Thursday, February 7

Neal Milner: Gabbard Lost Her Political Acumen At Just The Wrong Time

January 2019

Thursday, January 17

Neal Milner: Why Is Hawaii Afraid To Recount Votes In Close Races?

Thursday, January 3

Neal Milner: Why This Great Idea To Make Hawaii More Efficient Probably Won’t Work

December 2018

Thursday, December 20

Neal Milner: Kaneshiro Misuses Immense Power Of The Prosecutor

Thursday, December 13

Neal Milner: We Need To Be More Like Coyotes To Survive Climate Change

Friday, December 7

Neal Milner: Hanukkah Wish List And Airing Of Grievances

November 2018

Thursday, November 29

Neal Milner: Ignorance Is Commonplace, But Trump Makes It A Federal Policy

Thursday, November 15

Neal Milner: I’m Old Not ‘Cute’

Thursday, November 1

Neal Milner: It’s Amazing Turnouts Are This High For Hawaii’s No-Drama Elections

October 2018

Thursday, October 18

Neal Milner: To Survive A Disaster, Get To Know Your Neighbor

Thursday, October 4

Neal Milner: Rail’s Public-Private Partnership Idea Is A Desperate Cry For Help

September 2018

Thursday, September 20

Neal Milner: Let’s Face It, We Are Way Past The Middle Of The Road

Thursday, September 6

Neal Milner: Thinking About Leaving Hawaii Can Be Exhausting

August 2018

Friday, August 10

Neal Milner: Time-Travel To 2020, And The Hawaii GOP Is Still Toast

July 2018

Thursday, July 26

Neal Milner: The Risky Business Of Changing Your Mind Politically

Wednesday, July 11

Neal Milner: Nationalism Trumps Local Values, And That Hurts Hawaii

June 2018

Thursday, June 21

Neal Milner: Treat Hawaii’s Housing Shortage Like The Disaster It Is

Thursday, June 7

Neal Milner: After Trump’s Win We’d Be Crazy To Write Off David Ige

May 2018

Thursday, May 24

Neal Milner: Hawaii’s Lure For Ex-Residents Is Not As Strong As You Think

Thursday, May 10

Neal Milner: Stop Talking About The Homeless As If They’re Not Like Us

April 2018

Thursday, April 26

Neal Milner: Why So Many Kupuna Live In This Mainland Retirement Center

Thursday, April 12

Neal Milner: Aging In Place — In Hawaii There’s Often No Other Choice

March 2018

Thursday, March 29

Neal Milner: The Dark Side Of Teen Activism

Thursday, March 22

Neal Milner: Don’t Let Your Illusions About Democracy Get The Best Of You

Thursday, March 8

Neal Milner: There’s Change Afoot In America And We Don’t See It Coming

February 2018

Thursday, February 15

Neal Milner: Why Hawaii Needs To Be More Like Kansas City

Thursday, February 1

Neal Milner: Racial Issues Erode Our Democracy More Than Trump Does

January 2018

Thursday, January 18

Neal Milner: Don’t Call Honolulu Rail A ‘Work in Progress’

Thursday, January 4

Neal Milner: ‘Ordinary Schmoes’ Can Save Us From Trump Obsession

December 2017

Thursday, December 21

Neal Milner: Three Oahu Attractions That Might Brighten Your Holidays

Thursday, December 7

Neal Milner: Sorry, But This Is No Watershed Moment For Sexual Harassment

November 2017

Thursday, November 30

Neal Milner: Inner-Party Squabbles Could Shake Up Governor’s Race

Thursday, November 16

Neal Milner: Here’s What It Really Takes To Survive In Hawaii

Wednesday, November 8

Neal Milner: This ‘Power Couple’ Is Not So Cool

October 2017

Thursday, October 26

Neal Milner: Pointers For When You’re Stuck Talking Politics

September 2017

Thursday, September 14

Neal Milner: Politicians Need To Step Aside And Let The People Deal With Rail

August 2017

Thursday, August 31

Neal Milner: Most Of Us Haven’t Figured Out Trump, But Steve Bannon Has

Thursday, August 17

Neal Milner: Two Movements That Are Transforming Conservative Thought

Thursday, August 3

Neal Milner: School Reform Faces Uncertainty — And That’s A Good Thing

July 2017

Thursday, July 20

Neal Milner: Trump, Caldwell And Ige Took Different Paths To Unpopularity

Thursday, July 6

Neal Milner: You And I Are The Main Causes Of Inequality In America

June 2017

Thursday, June 22

Neal Milner: It’ll Take Hard Political Work To Stop Trump

Thursday, June 8

Neal Milner: I Wish I Could Be As Hopeful About The Future As Al Franken

May 2017

Wednesday, May 24

Neal Milner: The Presidential Election Was More Normal Than You Think

Thursday, May 18

Neal Milner: The Honolulu Rail Project Is On A Roll — In Virtual Reality

Thursday, May 11

Neal Milner: Comedy Loses Its Creative Edge In The Age Of Trump

April 2017

Thursday, April 27

Neal Milner: When ‘Public’ Means ‘Inferior,’ Democracy Is In Trouble

March 2017

Thursday, March 30

Neal Milner: We Long Ago Stopped Trusting Anything About Honolulu Rail

Thursday, March 16

Neal Milner: How Hawaii Lawmakers Magically Make Bills Disappear

Thursday, March 9

Neal Milner: Why The Trump Resistance Can’t Just Copy The Tea Party

February 2017

Thursday, February 23

Neal Milner: Don’t Kill The Messenger, Even If It’s Sean Spicer

Thursday, February 9

Neal Milner: The Language of Donald Trump

January 2017

Thursday, January 19

Neal Milner: Politics Works When We Embrace Right Kind Of Ignorance

Thursday, January 5

Neal Milner: Don’t Let Trump Years Become One Endless Complaint

December 2016

Thursday, December 22

Neal Milner: No More Mr. Nice Guy — Unless You Think It Through

Thursday, December 8

Neal Milner: If TMT Foes Are Filibustering, Good For Them

November 2016

Wednesday, November 23

Neal Milner: Trump Got The Last Laugh On Political Comedians

Thursday, November 10

Neal Milner: What The Chicago Cubs Can Teach Us About Civility

October 2016

Thursday, October 27

Neal Milner: Silence Of The Elephants Deadens Hawaii Politics

Thursday, October 13

Neal Milner: Honolulu — Beauty And The Beastly Noise

September 2016

Thursday, September 29

Neal Milner: To Thrive In Hawaii, Haoles Must Balance Cultures

Thursday, September 15

Neal Milner: Who Is The Better Master Of Disaster?

Thursday, September 1

Neal Milner: Let’s Stop Worrying About Hawaii’s Low Voter Turnout

August 2016

Thursday, August 18

Neal Milner: Hawaii Bureaucrats And The Can’t-Do Spirit

Thursday, August 4

Neal Milner: Why We All Need To Shed Our Political Nostalgia

July 2016

Thursday, July 28

Neal Milner: Most Of Us Don’t Want To Understand Presidential Politics

June 2016

Thursday, June 30

Neal Milner: Honolulu Rail Is Laughable, But Not Funny

Thursday, June 23

Neal Milner: Why Donald Trump Could Become President

May 2016

Thursday, May 19

Neal Milner: We’re All A Bit Irrational In Our Political Choices

Thursday, May 5

Neal Milner: Hawaii Legislators Need To Stop Hiding in The Dark

April 2016

Thursday, April 21

Neal Milner: In Hawaii, It’s ‘Grandma And Grandpa, Get to Work!’

Thursday, April 7

Neal Milner: Why The Presidential Race Is Not That Relevant To Our Lives

March 2016

Thursday, March 24

Neal Milner: Tulsi Gabbard’s A Rebel, But Does That Make Her Suspicious?

Thursday, March 10

Neal Milner: Koch Brothers Will Make Sure Republican Party Survives

February 2016

Thursday, February 25

Neal Milner: Are America’s Angry Politics Catching On In Aloha State?

Thursday, February 18

Neal Milner: Media Dumbs Down Its Election Coverage

Thursday, February 4

Neal Milner: Ige’s Hardest Job Is Just Making State Government Work

January 2016

Thursday, January 21

Neal Milner: Medical Reefer Madness

December 2015

Thursday, December 24

Neal Milner: Ige’s Stand On UH Athletics Is Wrong In So Many Ways

Thursday, December 10

Neal Milner: If These Two Can Find Common Ground, Anyone Can

November 2015

Wednesday, November 25

Neal Milner: Is Bipartisanship In D.C. Even Possible Anymore?

Thursday, November 12

Neal Milner: Why UH Football Program Won’t Win, But Will Survive

October 2015

Thursday, October 22

Neal Milner: Changing Hawaii’s ‘No Talk Stink’ Culture? Good Luck

Thursday, October 8

Neal Milner: Rein in Political Passion, and We Might Get Something Done

September 2015

Monday, September 28

Neal Milner: The Focus is on Donald, But the Smart Money is on Jeb

Thursday, September 10

Neal Milner: Let’s Hope Homelessness Effort Isn’t Business as Usual

August 2015

Thursday, August 27

Neal Milner: Politics, Not Science, Drives the Climate Change Debate

Thursday, August 13

Neal Milner: ‘Shady Characters’ Tell a Spicy History of Hawaii

July 2015

Thursday, July 30

Neal Milner: An Idyllic Niche In Kakaako

Thursday, July 16

Neal Milner: What Will Be the Legacy of Obama Campaigns?

June 2015

Thursday, June 11

Neal Milner: A Bum Knee Sparks Ruminations on Rejuvenation — and Sex

May 2015

Thursday, May 28

Neal Milner: What Hawaii Kai Tells Us About Honolulu

Thursday, May 14

Neal Milner: Ige Plays Small Ball, Abercrombie Went for Home Runs

April 2015

Thursday, April 30

Neal Milner: Looking for a Great Read? Try Auditor’s Annual Report

Thursday, April 16

Neal Milner: Should a Democrat Ever Marry a Republican?

Wednesday, April 1

Neal Milner: Ige’s Old Senate Faction Gets Checked

March 2015

Thursday, March 19

Neal Milner: Stories of Inequality And Isolation

Thursday, March 5

Neal Milner: Paradise and the Grandparent Tariff

February 2015

Thursday, February 12

Neal Milner: The Hawaii Legislature’s Persistent Rhythms

January 2015

Thursday, January 29

Neal Milner: How to Do Progressive Politics in a Hostile Environment

Thursday, January 15

Neal Milner: Accept Working Class Realities and Help the Kids

Friday, January 2

Neal Milner: We’re Dealing With a Growing Wave of Fragile Families

December 2014

Thursday, December 18

Neal Milner: Why a Retirement Tax Is Good for Old People

Thursday, December 4

Neal Milner: Hawaii Is Going Backwards on Education Reform

November 2014

Thursday, November 20

Neal Milner: Imagining Kakaako — How Our Hearts Lead Us Astray

Thursday, November 6

Neal Milner: After Election Comes the Real Work of Being an Activist

October 2014

Thursday, October 23

Neal Milner: What Attack Ads Tell Us About Hawaii Politics

Thursday, October 9

Neal Milner: How Bad Is Hawaii’s Office of Elections?

September 2014

Thursday, September 11

Neal Milner: Why Does Hawaii Government Fail So Often?

August 2014

Thursday, August 28

Neal Milner: Hawaii Political Polling — It’s Time to Move On

Thursday, August 14

Neal Milner: The Most Extraordinary Thing About Neil Abercrombie’s Loss

July 2014

Thursday, July 31

Neal Milner: Independents’ Day

Thursday, July 17

Neal Milner: 2014 Election Shake Ups? Don’t Be Too Sure

June 2014

Thursday, June 19

Neal Milner: The Primaries, the Average Voter and You

Thursday, June 5

Neal Milner: Taking Political Debates Less Seriously

May 2014

Monday, May 19

Neal Milner: The Politics of the Aloha Spirit

Monday, May 5

Neal Milner: Getting Serious About Voter Turnout in Hawaii

April 2014

Monday, April 21

Neal Milner: State-of-the-Art Political Campaign Intimacy

Wednesday, April 9

Neal Milner: Getting Better Political Coverage

March 2014

Friday, March 21

Neal Milner: Fixing the Sad State of Campaign Coverage in Hawaii

May 2013

Wednesday, May 22

Why UH Can’t Get Good Presidents

November 2012

Tuesday, November 13

Why PRP’s Mayoral Campaign Is the Wave of the Future

Thursday, November 8

What the 2012 Election Says About Hawaii Republicans’ Future

July 2012

Saturday, July 7

Lesson from Wisconsin: Hawaii Needs More Anger

Sunday, July 1

The Misguided and Harmful Myth of Bi-Partisanship

January 2012

Thursday, January 5

State of the State Speeches: You Gotta Be A Football Hero

September 2011

Friday, September 30

Do Hawaii Republicans Have a Future?

Wednesday, September 28

Wal-Mart Greeter: A Step Up For the Successful Professional

Tuesday, September 6

The Story of Mufi Hannemann and Tulsi Gabbard

September 2010

Sunday, September 12

The Value of Hawaii: University of Hawaii by Neal Milner