Noelle Chun

State Loses $240 Million on Controversial Securities

Budget director tells lawmakers that she estimates state has lost $240 million over the past two years from its investment of $1 billion in student-loan-backed auction-rate securities, or SLARS.

State Violates Balanced-Budget Requirement

Hawaii lawmakers heard Tuesday that for the second straight year the state closed its fiscal year in the red, a violation of the Constitutional requirement. But officials face no consequences for the error.

How Everyone Knew My Salary

As a California State worker, anyone could look up my salary with a few easy clicks.

Hawaii’s Lowest Paid State Workers

The lowest paid state worker makes as little as $21,948, or $1,829 a month. The bottom salary goes to an office assistant.
More Families to Be Eligible for Food Assistance

More Families to Be Eligible for Food Assistance

The state will boost eligibility under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program from 185 percent of the federal poverty line to 200 percent, bringing in an extra $65 million in federal dollars.
The Waipahu Food Assistance Office Is Empty — and It’s Not for Lack of Need, Nor Is It A Bad Thing

The Waipahu Food Assistance Office Is Empty — and It’s Not for Lack of Need, Nor Is It A Bad Thing

A trip to a Human Services office reveals the staff is working to speed up its services and put in place new policies — after the Legislature fought off efforts by Gov. Lingle to consolidate and shrink the operation.

Abercrombie: Feds Paid for Special Election

Neil Abercrombie's critics say it cost the state as much as $1 million to put on a special election for the 1st Congressional District. Abercrombie says federal money covered it.

How the Governor Candidates Spent Their Money

In the governor's race, Neil Abercrombie spent the most money during the first half of the year, followed by Mufi Hannemann and James "Duke" Aiona. But where did it go? Civil Beat did the digging.

Hannemann Leading Governor Fundraising Race

The former Honolulu mayor brought in the most contributions among all governor candidates in the first half of 2010, and has more than four times as much money on hand as his Sept. 18 primary opponent, former congressman Abercrombie. Hannemann doubles Lt. Gov. Aiona's totals.

Caldwell on Top In Mayor Fundraising Race

The former city managing director leads former city prosecutor Carlisle, raising almost 50 percent more money in the period from Jan. 1 to June 30. UH engineering professor Prevedouros raised only 10 percent of Caldwell's total. Councilman Tam raised barely more than $5,000.

Tracking Fundraisers: Two on the Horizon for Hannemann

Civil Beat tracks the gubernatorial candidates' fundraisers. Learn what happened over the past week and see who has events planned in the next few weeks.
Hannemann: Let’s Bring The Superferry Back

Hannemann: Let’s Bring The Superferry Back

Gov. candidate Mufi Hannemann says he is in "preliminary discussions" to resurrect the controversial interisland boat service as part of a larger economic plan for Hawaii.