Sara Lin

Encouraging Affordable Housing, Get Government Out of the Way

Probably the worst hurdle is the county permitting process where projects can be held up anywhere from two to five years.

Deficit Needs to be Addressed To Avoid Collapse

Elected officials are spending tax dollars to keep us happy, but we're going to run out of money.

Destined to Follow in Greece’s Footsteps?

Candidates promise to protect Social Security and Medicare, but entitlement programs are a part of the problem.

Denying Responsibility For Tax Loss Just Typical Legislative M.O.

Lawmakers who first championed high technology tax credit silent on auditor's report showing abuse.

It Is Hazardous To Be A Woman in the Catholic Church Today

The attacks on women who think have gathered momentum.

Elections Offer Chance to Address Hawaii’s Unfunded Liabilities

Former lawmakers coming out of retirement to run again are part of the original problem.
Feds Give Up On Global Horizons Human Trafficking Case

Feds Give Up On Global Horizons Human Trafficking Case

Criminal case in Hawaii had been brought by same team that botched the Aloun Farms trial.

County Services Should Be Paid For By Those Who Benefit

Complete tax exemptions for nonprofits should be reevaluated.

Ceiling Circumvented With Hawaii Special Funds

Lawmakers raided special funds for more than $161 million in the last three years alone.