About 200 people who had gathered at Kaena State Park on Oahu’s North Shore were dispersed by state Department of Land and Natural Resources officers and Honolulu police late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

DLNR said in a press release that the crowd had been reported to be larger earlier in the evening.

Police made the partiers clean up the mess left from what appeared to be a couple days of celebrating, including trash and pallets used to make beach bonfires even though open fires on Hawaii beaches are illegal.

The parties took place Saturday and Sunday on the Mokuleia side of Kaena Point and were promoted on social media. Not only did the gathering violate COVID-19 social distancing rules, no permits were obtained as required for large gatherings in public beach parks, DLNR said.

According to the press release: “Officers report that most people were compliant (when asked to leave and clean the place up) but there were a couple of ‘knuckleheads’ who wanted to argue and push their luck. No citations were issued however.”

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