Another deputy assigned to Lt. Gov. Josh Green’s security detail tested positive for COVID-19, Green’s office and the Department of Public Safety said on Sunday.

Green’s office said that so far Green and the two deputy sheriffs are the only cases confirmed positive within the lieutenant governor’s office. All three are in isolation.

The first deputy tested positive on Friday and Green’s positive test was announced late Friday evening.

The remaining 11 office employees have been contacted by Department of Health investigators, Green’s office said in a press release, are following their guidance and quarantining.

All employees have been tested. One test result was negative and the others are pending results, the release said.

Lt. Gov. Josh Green talks about how he’s feeling in a Facebook video on Saturday. Screenshot/2020

Green also met with some members of the media Friday morning. They also have been contacted by DOH, the lieutenant governor’s office said.

The lieutenant governor’s office was cleaned on Saturday and is closed to the public. “Office administrative functions, including name changes, apostilles, administrative rules and repository (sale of publications, session laws, etc.), will be suspended until administrative team members can return to the office,” the press release said.

Green told Civil Beat Saturday he is continuing his COVID-19 response and liaison efforts while holed up in his son’s bedroom at his house. He has been posting Facebook and Instagram videos with daily updates.

In Saturday’s video, he said it’s the third day he’s known he’s had COVID-19 and he feels tired and has a little bit of a cough but otherwise feels OK.

“I’m really just grateful to be feeling OK,” he said. “But this is something to take seriously.”

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