A congressional appropriations committee has approved an additional $1.1 billion to respond to the Red Hill water contamination crisis in Honolulu, U.S. Rep. Ed Case’s office announced on Wednesday.

The U.S. House Committee on Appropriations advanced two bills that together will provide funding for infrastructure improvements, facility defueling, and the planning, design and construction of water treatment and distribution facilities, according to the legislation.

The two pieces of legislation are part of a package of bills that will fund the federal government in Fiscal Year 2023, which begins on Oct. 1, Case’s office said in a press release.

Case, a member of the appropriations committee, requested the funding. In a statement, he said he is committed to ensure the federal government fully remediates the Red Hill fuel leak and defuels and closes the facility safely and quickly.

“I am also focused on fully funding our continued reserve fuel requirements in the Indo-Pacific through alternatives to Red Hill,” he said.

The full U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the bills in July, Case’s office said.

The proposed $1.1 billion would add to an existing $1.1 billion secured by Hawaii’s congressional delegation for responding to the Red Hill contamination.

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