The Hawaii Republican Party on Saturday elected brand-new State Executive Committee members during their virtual state convention.

According to a press release Monday, the new members are:

  • Signe Godfrey, chair
  • Lynn Finnegan, vice chair of coordinated campaigns
  • Diamond Garcia, vice chair of candidate recruitment and training
  • Tiana Elisara, vice chair of communications
  • Henry Vincent III, vice chair of coalitions
  • Jeff Coakley, vice chair of community service
  • Steve Holck, treasurer
  • Mele Songsong, secretary

The party said there were more than 500 paid delegates to this year’s Hawaii Republican Party State Convention, the most it has seen in the last 20 years.

Signe Godfrey Hawaii GOP/2021

The new chair said, “This is an exciting time. We are seeing new Republicans self-identify and join the Republican Party. There is a great opportunity to keep this momentum going and continue growing the party here in Hawaii.”

A retired business owner, Godfrey succeeds acting chair Boyd Ready, who succeed Shirlene Ostrov in January after she resigned her post.

Godfrey made a point in the press release of saying that the new members — four men and four women between the ages of 23 and 79 — “represent the many cultures of the Hawaiian Islands to include Native Hawaiian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Samoan, Filipino, and Caucasian.”

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