There are now at least two dozen COVID-19 infections connected to a Hawaiian Airlines flight attendant training last month.

The training program started on June 24 at the airline’s Honolulu headquarters. The airline said some employees who attended the training reported feeling ill a few days later. By July 2, eight employees had tested positive for the virus.

The number of positive cases has since tripled.

One infected airline employee, who visited a pair of Oahu gyms after the training started but before he or she learned they had contracted the virus, set off a new infection cluster at the two gyms. There are now 20 positive COVID-19 cases connected to infection outbreaks at those gyms, which state officials have not named. That makes 44 cases in total that tie back to the training.

In response to the disease cluster, Hawaiian Airlines canceled its flight attendant trainings for two weeks to facilitate a “deep clean” of its facilities, according to airline spokeswoman Ann Botticelli.

All of the program’s instructors were tested and about 60 employees who participated in the training program were asked to self-quarantine and monitor their health, Botticelli said.

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