Hawaiian Airlines will debut a new in-flight video on trans-Pacific flights that spotlights the do’s and don’ts of ocean and hiking safety, environmental conservation, encounters with endangered species and Hawaiian culture.

Rocky the Monk Seal rests safely on a strip of beach near the Ala Wai Boat Harbor.
An endangered Hawaiian monk seal rests on a strip of beach near Oahu’s Ala Wai Boat Harbor. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The five-minute Travel Pono spot features five Hawaiian Airlines crew members — including a firefighter, volunteers for search and rescue operations and marine mammal protection, and a cultural practitioner — who share advice about how to coexist with marine life, the importance of wearing reef-safe sunscreen, how to escape a rip current and the lasting impact of plastic trash in the ocean.

The video will play prior to landing in the cabin of trans-Pacific flights starting next week. 

The airline created the educational video in response to requests from community members and employees for a better way to show travelers how to enjoy the islands responsibly without depleting natural and cultural resources, said Avi Mannis, senior vice president of marketing at Hawaiian Airlines.

The goal of the video, Mannis said in a press release, is to welcome visitors to Hawaii while providing them with valuable information that will “enrich their experience on the islands while helping protect Hawaii’s natural resources and our way of life.”

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