Newly installed Honolulu City Council Chair Tommy Waters announced on Wednesday which of his colleagues he tapped for committee assignments.

Councilman Calvin Say, a former state House speaker who was just sworn in, will chair the influential budget committee. It will be vice-chaired by Radiant Cordero, a former chief of staff for Joey Manahan, the previous budget chair.

Councilman Brandan Elefante will be in the powerful position of chairing the committee on zoning and planning. First-time Councilwoman Esther Kiaaina will vice-chair.

Kiaaina will head the committee on housing and the economy. Say will vice-chair.

Councilwoman Andria Tupola, a former Republican state lawmaker, will be in charge of the executive matters and legal affairs committee. Councilwoman Carol Fukunaga will vice-chair.

Freshman Councilman Augie Tulba will chair the committee on parks and community service, which will be vice-chaired by Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi.

Fukunaga will continue to chair the committee on public infrastructure and technology alongside Tupola, who will be vice chair.

The committee on public safety will be chaired by Heidi Tsuneyoshi and vice-chaired by Tulba.

Waters will also chair a committee on executive management, vice-chaired by Kiaaina.

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