The Honolulu Police Commission plans to issue an online survey to gauge the public’s view of the police department and the qualities desired in the next chief.

The commission said Friday the survey will run from Sunday to Feb. 13, and will supplement input already provided by select community groups.

The survey can be accessed either on the the commission’s website or directly at

Honolulu Police Commission
The Honolulu Police Commission will be opening up a survey to the public next week. Honolulu Police Commission/2022

Consulting firm PSI Services, which the city contracted in December, will be reviewing the survey results and sharing them with the police commission.

The survey follows a series of interviews PSI Services conducted over the last two weeks with community stakeholder groups that included nonprofit groups, current and former law enforcement officials and government officials.

Among those groups were ACLU Hawaii, Hawaii Health and Harm Reduction Center, HPC Taskforce and the Domestic Violence Action Center.

Also included in the stakeholder meetings were former and current deputy police chiefs, the FBI, the Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, City Council members and head of the state’s homelessness initiative.

“We are committed to hearing from as many stakeholders as we can before we make this important appointment,” Police Commission Chair Shannon Alivado said in the release. “We are grateful to all those who have taken the time to engage in the process so far, and we are hopeful this survey tool will allow many more of our citizens to share their perspectives.”

As of Friday, 19 individuals remain in the running to become Honolulu’s next chief of police, including 12 candidates from the state and seven from the mainland.

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