The Honolulu Police Commission is seeking the pubic’s input on what qualities they want to see in the next police chief.

The announcement came on Thursday after the commission initially suggested seeking the public’s opinion at its Sept. 15 meeting.

“The selection of the Chief of Police is one of the most important responsibilities that the commission holds,” Commission Chair Shannon Alivado said in a statement. “Our police force serves a variety of neighborhoods and needs across the Island of Oahu, and we wish to make sure that all perspectives are considered as we begin the hiring process.”

Nonprofit and community-based organizations, as well as individual members of the public, are now being urged to submit their input in the form of either presentations or testimony. That testimony will then be forwarded to a consulting firm to review and assess the candidates.

The commission has not yet identified or hired the consulting firm which it has previously said will aid in the search for the next police chief.

Organizations and individuals interested in submitting either presentations or testimony are asked to focus on three questions: What are the skills and capabilities that the commission should be looking for from the new police chief? What are some questions you would like the new police chief to answer? What should the new police chief’s first priorities be?

“We are in the process of finalizing the hiring of the consultant who will oversee the hiring process, and are anxious to begin,” Alivado said. “We believe it is best for our county if the commissioners, who make the final selection, directly receive wide-ranging input from throughout the community.”

Earlier this month, the commission announced that it has narrowed the field of initial candidates down from 24 to 20. Out of those 20, 12 candidates were listed as Hawaii residents and eight were listed as non-residents.

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