The City and County of Honolulu is preparing to pay $5.25 million to settle a lawsuit filed after a driver, being chased by a police officer, slammed into a group of pedestrians near the Ala Moana shopping center in 2019.

The collision killed three people: Casimir Pokorny, a 26-year-old from Pennsylvania; Reino Ikeda, 47, of Japan; and William Travis Lau, 39, a local anesthesiologist.

The lawsuit was filed by Pokorny’s mother, Gail Garin, Ikeda’s husband Noato Ikeda, and two others who were injured in the crash, Lianna McCurdy and Pokorny’s best friend, Daniel Verderame.

Lau’s family already settled their own lawsuit with the city last year for $10 million.

Members of the Honolulu City Council already approved the payout at the committee level and are scheduled to finalize the deal at their meeting on Wednesday.

The crash occurred on Jan. 28, 2019 when Honolulu Police Officer Sheldon Watts was pursuing a car driven by Alins Sumang, who had been drinking, according to the lawsuit. While attempting to evade the officer, Sumang made a sudden turn onto Kamakee Street, lost control of his vehicle and collided with a group of pedestrians.

Last year, Sumang pleaded guilty to three counts of manslaughter and four counts of assault in the second degree. He is serving a 30-year prison sentence.

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