While the public’s attention has been largely focused on the looming public corruption trial of Katherine and Louis Kealoha plus a couple of former Honolulu cops, a side skirmish has been playing out involving former HPD Sgt. Albert Lee.

In a case that’s been turned over to Kauai County for prosecution, Lee is accused of smashing his car into an electric vault in Hawaii Kai while drunk. Police found him asleep in the passenger seat and he says he doesn’t know who was driving.

Nick Grube has reported on this case and its connection to what could be a questionable relationship between Katherine Kealoha and a Honolulu businessman who is a convicted felon, Michael Miske.

Former deputy city prosecutor Katherine Kealoha closeup.
Katherine Kealoha doesn’t want her personnel file made public. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

In a nutshell, Lee says he is being wrongly prosecuted in a coverup of Kealoha’s effort to save Miske from more legal trouble created when Lee had him arrested for dodging an officer who tried to give him a ticket.

Lee’s attorney, Megan Kau, had to go court to get Kealoha’s personnel file from the Honolulu prosecutor’s office even though personnel files are subject to release under Hawaii’s public records law.

We know all about that. Civil Beat requested Kealoha’s file in 2017. The city was set to turn it over when Kealoha filed suit to keep it secret arguing privacy concerns and irreparable harm should certain things in the file get out. But a judge soon ruled that it must be released.

It looks like Judge Edward Kubo also was scratching his head over the city prosecutor’s recent attempts to keep the personnel file under wraps. Check out Hawaii News Now’s coverage of the fight in Circuit Court and the judge’s ruling that it must be handed over.

UPDATE: The prosecutor’s office has since released the file to the judge.

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