Lt. Gov. Josh Green said he submitted a letter to Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell on Wednesday asking him to reconsider an order that allows people to visit the island’s parks, beaches and trails, but only by themselves.

The mayor’s latest order has already received significant pushback from families who are upset that they are not allowed to bring their children to outdoor spaces. On Tuesday, Caldwell acknowledged that the one-person limit was designed to make it easy for Honolulu police to enforce.

Green’s office declined to immediately provide a full copy of the letter but shared an excerpt.

“While I understand enforcement is of great concern, it is not practical to expect individuals, particularly those with children, to enjoy beaches and hiking trails on their own,” he wrote. “People are and have been under tremendous stress and deserve to utilize beaches and hiking trails for their physical, emotional and mental health. Additionally, subjecting people to solo hiking or swimming alone in the ocean poses safety risks. For your consideration, I encourage you to amend the latest order to include immediate household members.”

Civil Beat asked the mayor’s office for a copy of the letter and for its reply but did not get a response as of early Wednesday afternoon.

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