The Maui County Council voted on Friday to authorize the Planning and Sustainable Land Use Committee to investigate how and why the Victorino administration allowed a controversial monster house to be built in Napili.

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Council member Tamara Paltin, who chairs the committee, said she isn’t planning to launch the investigation until she receives affidavits and other documentation from Maui resident Kamanu Balinbin and others who are alleging that employees of the Planning and Public Works Departments took bribes, allowing developer Greg Brown to build his gigantic structure in violation of various codes and requirements.

Balinin says he has inside knowledge of wrongdoing by county planning officials, but Paltin noted that he has already said publicly that he would get her the documents and still hasn’t.

That prompted Napili Bay Community Association board member and attorney Brad Salter to phone in and testify that all the paperwork is being put together and will be provided to Paltin’s committee as soon as the investigation is formally launched.

“That information is forthcoming once we know this investigation has been approved,” Salter said. “We will submit information that will go to Mr. Brown’s violations. They will be specific. I just think it’s premature to do that until this investigation is launched.”

Paltin said the paperwork should be submitted to her committee by email, and it will not be put on the agenda until the committee sees it.

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