Alexander & Baldwin is donating 45 acres, including Baldwin Beach Park and the lands above Baby Beach, to Maui County to be protected as parks and open space.

Maui County locator map

The acreage is mostly made up of parks and shoreline lands in Central Maui and along the north shore, according to a county news release. The Maui County Council must first agree to accept the lands before the county can take them over.

“There is no cost to our Maui County residents to acquire these lands from A&B, but the value in protecting these areas in perpetuity yields an immeasurable return for our local families today and for future generations,” Mayor Michael Victorino said in a news release.

The cove at Baldwin Beach Park on Maui. Marina Riker/Civil Beat/2022

These are the lands that A&B plans to transfer to the county:

  • 17.5 acres that make up Baldwin Beach Park, or Kapukaulua
  • 10 acres of the land above Baby Beach, or Wawaʻu Point, that are makai of Maui Country Club
  • Almost 4 acres of shoreline lands between Mama’s Fish House and Hoʻokipa Beach Park
  • Almost 2.4 acres that comprise Rainbow Park along Baldwin Avenue
  • 1.4 acres of land next to Hana Highway near Maliko Gulch
  • Two parcels that make up almost 3 acres next to Hoaloha Park in Kahului
  • Almost 7 acres of land divided into 8 parcels near Dairy Road in Kahului

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