People on Oahu in need of help paying their rent, utility or child care bills can still apply for assistance from the City and County of Honolulu through Sunday, Nov. 15.

The $25 million Household Hardship Relief Fund was set up with federal CARES Act money granted to Honolulu.

Since it launched in May, the city and three nonprofit partners – Aloha United Way, the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement and Helping Hands Hawaii – have spent $11 million to support over 2,200 Oahu households, according to a press release sent by Bennett Group Strategic Communications on behalf of the city.

“The Department of Community Services established this program because we know many individuals and families have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 and need help just to get by,” Pamela Witty-Oakland, director of the Department of Community Services, said in a statement.

The federal funding runs out at the end of December. Eligible individuals may still apply for financial support via the portal operated by the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement at

Those eligible for support through the program must be Oahu residents age 18 or older who meet income criteria and are able to demonstrate economic hardship due to COVID-19 or related business closures.

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