For those of you who don’t know much about Hoopili, you will soon.

West Oahu has become the newest battleground in the fight between people who want to preserve farmland and those who want to use it for homes.

The Hoopili debate is heating up. The Star-Bulletin today published a commentary from Ewa Beach resident Rodolfo Ramos in favor of the project, which calls for more than 11,000 homes. Ramos, who served on the Ewa Task Force for Hoopili developer D.R. Horton, argues that the loss of about 1,500 acres of farmland is a drop in the bucket, representing less than one percent of 160,000 acres of available ag land in the state.

Just a week ago, the paper ran an opposing view from Friends of Makakilo President Kioni Dudley. On April 15, Dudley wrote that Hoopili and Koa Ridge, a similar project in Central Oahu, are the only untouched lands where a developer hasn’t yet won permission to build. They should be protected, he wrote.

For some context on these issues check out these Civil Beat pages:

What do all of you think? Should we preserve farmland or is that standing in the way of progress? How do we strike a balance between development and agriculture?

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