Member Kazuyo Takagi responded to my post this morning about the homeless sleeping under tarps instead of in tents in Ala Moana Beach Park with a question. “Can you find out how many people have been ticketed by the police for a tent or shopping cart since that law went into effect?” he asked.

Chad Blair, our Hawaii reporter who’s writing about the homeless issue, researched the question and learned that since new regulations banning shopping carts and closed tents in city parks went into effect on April 19, Honolulu police officers have issued 84 warnings, three citations, and zero arrests.

Honolulu Police Department Spokesperson Michelle Yu told him Friday that the new laws were enforced in each of Oahu’s eight police districts.

“No single district stood out,” said Yu, including District 6, which includes Waikiki.

Under the new laws, violators may be fined up to $500.

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