Across the state, the Hawaii Foodbank helps feed more than 183,000 people annually, with 124,000 on Oahu alone. That’s a 39 percent increase over 2005, when the food bank counted 131,000 unique clients, said Hawaii Foodbank President Dick Grimm.

On Saturday, the National Association of Letter Carriers will conduct their annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive as they deliver the mail. Making a donation is simple — just leave nonperishable food at your mailbox.

Not sure what to leave? “We need canned protein, canned goods, canned meat, beef stew, chili, tuna, Spam or luncheon meat, corned beef, soups, vegetables… We need them in cans because so many people don’t have refrigeration,” Grimm said. “This is just a strictly nonperishable kind of drive.”

Grimm noted that only mail carriers should be collecting food, but other people have been caught taking donations during previous drives. “If you see someone coming around and jumping out and taking the food, that is illegal,” he said. “Those people are actually stealing the food.”

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