HB 444, the civil unions bill, is on the governor’s list of potential vetoes, a top Republican aide confirmed today.

The governor must announce by the end of the day Monday the bills she’s considering vetoing. Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona told KITV Thursday that the measure was on her list of vetoes. Civil Beat confirmed the report in an interview today with Travis Taylor, communications director for the Aiona campaign for governor. Taylor formerly was the communications director for the lieutenant governor’s office.

“I can confirm he expects it will be on the veto list on Monday,” Taylor said Friday afternoon. “It is a potential list. As far as I know, she hasn’t made a decision on signing, vetoing or letting the bill go without her signature.”

The news comes as the Hawaii Business Roundtable told Civil Beat that it is considering “updating” the position taken by its executive committee urging Lingle to veto the measure. Lingle is on an Asian trip and was not available for comment. She returns Saturday. A senior adviser in the governor’s office, Lenny Klompus, said he couldn’t say whether the bill was on the list of potential vetoes.

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