Another forum on dealing with homelessness, positions taken by Rep. Charles Djou, and a rally planned against civil unions:

  • Hawaii’s two members in the U.S. House of Representatives split their votes on the DISCLOSE Act, the first major legislation to respond to the Citizens United v. FEC decision allowing unlimited corporate campaign spending. Republican Charles Djou voted “no” while Democrat Mazie Hirono voted in favor of the DISCLOSE — Democracy is Strengthened by Casting Light on Spending in Elections — Act, which passed the House 219-206. The act would require disclosure of who is paying for TV and radio ads.

  • The Washington Post quotes Djou in an editorial calling for repeal of the Jones Act, the WWI-era law limiting coastal shipping between U.S. ports to U.S.-built ships owned by Americans and, in the case of Hawaii, crewed by them. Djou says the act hinders foreign-flagged vessels being able to help with the Gulf oil spill cleanup.

  • Honolulu officials will convene a public forum on homelessness Tuesday afternoon at the Mission Memorial Auditorium near Honolulu Hale. The forum, coordinated by the Honolulu Department of Community Services, includes discussion of the latest point-in-time count of Hawaii homeless people.

  • A local TV news report says that, since the city banned shopping carts and closed tents from parks, more homeless people are turning up in places like N. King Street, the Hard Rock Cafe near the Hawaii Convention Center, and Aala Park in downtown Honolulu. State Rep. John Mizuno says there’s no “quick fix” for the growing problem.

  • Civil unions opponent Hawaii Family Forum is urging like-minded people to lobby Gov. Linda Lingle to veto House Bill 444. The forum also wants folks to contact legislators and ask them to not override a possible veto. A rally is planned July 6 at the state Capitol, Lingle’s deadline day.

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