Major candidates make it official, the City Council considers a fireworks ban, and Republicans versus civil unions.

  • Just days before the July 20 filing deadline, three more candidates will file their campaign papers today: Democrat Colleen Hanabusa in the 1st Congressional District race, Democrat Brian Schatz for lieutenant governor, and Republican James “Duke” Aiona for governor. Expect more to follow in one of the most crowded fields in recent Hawaiian political history.

  • Expect big crowds as well at Honolulu Hale today, where the Honolulu City Council has several hot-button bills on its agenda. They include measures on regulating leaf blowers and fireworks.

  • Local GOP Chairman Jonah Kaauwai is still looking for more candidates in hopes of contesting most state House and Senate races. Kaauwai also says more Republicans are needed in office to ensure the now-vetoed Hawaii civil unions bill doesn’t return next session. The clip is on the Facebook page titled Hawaii Residents Against Mufi.

  • U.S. Rep. Charles Djou is supporting two measures he thinks will combat government waste, H.R. 5454 and H.R. 1294. The former would give policymakers a tool known as “expedited rescission” to eliminate spending, and the latter would give the U.S. president line-item veto power.

  • Lastly, and least importantly, the Obama “birther” silliness has been given new life by U.S. Sen. David Vitter. The Louisiana Republican supports conservative groups who want to challenge the Honolulu-born president’s citizenship in court.

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