The 1st Congressional race heats up, Charles and Colleen need money, and CBS wants everyone to hum along to “Hawaii Five-O”:

  • U.S. Rep. Charles Djou and his likely general election opponent, state Senate President Colleen Hanabusa, are tangling over the Republican’s “no” vote this week on extending federal jobless benefits. Rep. Mazie Hirono voted for the $34 billion bill, something Hanabusa says she would have done as well. Djou doesn’t want to add to the deficit. In a campaign mailing today he took a swipe at Hanabusa for participating in a D.C. fundraiser with Hawaii’s senators and the “liberal elite.” He also asked for donations.

  • Other legislation Djou and Hirono have split their votes on includes the DISCLOSE Act, the first campaign-finance reform measure introduced after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling landmark Citizens United v. FEC ruling earlier this year. One of its sponsors, Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, has now revised the bill to appeal to Senate GOP centrists upset with how the bill seems to favor unions over corporations.

  • Gary Hooser, the former state senator from Kauai running in the Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, has issued a press released titled “Unlike Duke Aiona, Gary Hooser Believes In The Separation Of Church and State.” The Hooser campaign clearly thinks the Lingle-Aiona Administration’s opposition to Hawaii civil unions is an issue in the election.

  • USA Today picked up on Turtle Bay Resort’s $526,000 settlement with food and beverage service employees over failure to pay them tips. “At least nine similar suits have been filed over the last two years against major Hawaii hotels,” the article reported.

  • The theme song for the revived “Hawaii Five-O” show, which premieres Sept. 20, will be central to a six-week marketing campaign by CBS. “CBS has big plans to make sure the familiar chords are heard everywhere you go this summer: cell phones, oldies radio stations, college football games — even your mailbox,” says New York Magazine.

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