Fact Check is a new feature of Civil Beat.

We’ll be examining candidates’ claims to see whether they’re true.

The latest to undergo scrutiny are Acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell and Congressman Charles Djou.

Caldwell told a forum this month that city government had grown smaller under his leadership. He said that about two weeks after Civil Beat reported that city government had grown larger under Caldwell and his boss, former Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

Read our examination of Caldwell’s claim and discover the Fact Check mark he received.

You might be able to guess…

As for Djou, he went on TV and threw out the figure of a $3.8 trillion tax hike. We communicated with his office as well, and while he’s good at math, and the numbers he used do add up, there’s more to the story.

Read the truth behind Djou’s claim and learn the Fact Check score he earned.

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